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Thread: getting perfect measurements

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    Pants I can't help.. I have the same issue but, as far as cushions go.... Consider a Ride custom cushion, it is molded to you... I was on a Jay cushion for quite a while and would never go back... Since I got my new chair, I have a Stimulite SlimLine cushion... I like it as I don't have to resituate gel ALL the time. The one thing about the Ride cushion is, it's awfully pricey compared to a non-custom cushion

    Good Luck!


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    What's the big deal with the Stimulite? They don't LOOk like they're very soft or comfy. Are they squishy enough? I'll have to see about trying one.

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    You're right; they don't look it but, they feel it. They are squishy to an extent. If you need to you can order an XS (extra soft) cushion

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    The stimulites might be a bit uncomfortable for the first week or so until it's broken in. I didn't experience that with my slimline though.

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    i'm using my stimulite needs some time to break the ice..3-4days of sitting is enough for me...but it is comfy!for real!!!

    WG : i thought the XS is for the extra sensitive skin? =/ looks like i wasted some money on that...
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    XS is extra sensitive, there is an extra layer of softer material on the very top.
    I have a Classic XS and absolutely love it. Prior to this cushion I was using a Varilite Meridian and was having issues with it. I could never find the right pressure of air vs foam, and was either sitting on too much air and it made my back sore, or was sitting on the bottom of the cushion with only foam, and again a sore back. With the Stimulite Classic XS I can sit all day with no pain, and no redness. It feels super stable, and most of all is comfortable.
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    yeah!no reds!it's soft too!sometimes i even used is as a pillow!

    i like roho's just that when it leaks, i'm doomed. but tom borcherding been nice to me and sent me a new one...^_^
    walking is OVER-RATED!!!

    Broken in August 14th, 2003. T9-L1 complete.

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