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Thread: Finally! A sewing machine for us crips!!!

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    Finally! A sewing machine for us crips!!!

    I got a new sewing machine so I could make some things for my expected grandson due in November. I got a Brother SE 400 machine. It is an entry level sewing/embroidery machine, but the features are anything but.

    This thing is amazing and does not need to be operated with a foot pedal. There is a switch on the machine that you touch to begin sewing and the speed control lever is on the front of the machine as well. It does embroidery and is computer compatible so you can download designs (a lot for free) off of the internet.

    I am so glad that I purchased this machine. I can sew again! Be warned that this is a very expensive hobby lol. The machine is only 400.00, but you can easily get into hundreds of dollars in threads for embroidery and accessories. I tend to go overboard a bit and sent for a collection of embroidery thread that contains 120 different colors and racks to put them on. Hog Heaven!!!

    Justify it to yourselves some way people, because it is great to have a creative outlet again.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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    very cool you are doing some sewing. me too, on a 60.00 brother basic poc.

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    Yup, I bought my daughter a brother as well. I think all of their models have the push button. It was a lot better than my 1st foray into sewing, with my daughter doing the foot pedal for me ...

    "a little faster, no slow down, faster, STOP" LOL
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    Your new machine sounds so great! And congrats on the upcoming grandson!

    When I use my machine, which is rarely, I put the foot pedal at my right side on the table and operate with my elbow!

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    I use my elbow too... thats the one thing I cant operate with my braced foot

    Congrats on that nice looking machine...I love embroideried stuff too.
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    I too need both hands to control the fabric well. I set the foot pedal up on the table and use my wrist to control speed.

    Had to get rid of my old machine. It had a knee pedal and couldn't figure a way to use it. 1947 model Singer I think.

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    Susqu - The knee pedals of older machines actually operate the the foot controller mounted in the cabinet - when you push the lever it moves another lever that pushes the foot pedal button. (yeah, NOW I tell you!)
    Daisy - If you have any foot movement you might try using your heel instead of your toe to operate the foot pedal on the floor. Of course you may have tried this, already.
    A lot of higher end machines have a start/stop button, but the Brother is a nice less expensive machine that gives you a lot of "Bang for the Buck".

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    Cool skippy. Have fun.
    I sewed proffesional for a little while & would love to sew again.
    But not sure my hand (no fingers) could guide material straight.
    Any quads with no fingers, no grip sewing? How?

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    Hmmm this just gave me a great idea. I cant take up sewing to keep me busy, but I dont know how to sew @ Skippy13 is it hard? Is there an internet site I can go to-to learn?

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    Sewing is not a difficult hobby to learn. Some of the stores that sell sewing machines give lessons in their use.

    I recommend the brand "Kwik-Sew patterns for clothes making. They are the easiest and give the most professional result. The major brands like simplicity and mc calls never turn out quite like you had in mind.

    I'm sure that there are lots of websites that can teach you basics and give you tips on how to start sewing.

    I like to make quilts. There is a lot of basic straight sewing in quilting.

    Go to the library and check out a few books on sewing. Asking the ladies in the fabric shops can give you more ideas and good information as well.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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