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Thread: Leg Pain

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    Leg Pain

    Alright I have been having more and more leg pain for the past month and I dont know why. I still am doing all the same workouts, stretching, standing frame and hours of work/time in the chair. I am on Cymbalta for nerve pain but thats it for pain. I have been taking 1000 mgs ib for pain but wife is worried that will start giving me stomach problems. Any ideas on what I should use or is anyone else having same problems. The pain comes and goes but will come in a level 10 pain out of no where. It feels like a burning type pain that I really cant explain and if I grab that certain area it makes it go away. Weird isnt it. Any info I what others are on for the same thing would be much appreciated.
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    If the nerve pain is worsening this last month, are you sure that you don't have a bladder infection, skin breakdown, leg injury, or anything else that may have changed this past month to trigger worsening NP pain? Diet, alcohol use, change in amount of sleep?

    Who is prescribing the Cymbalta? Can you ask them what they would recommend as a next step?

    In my case, I am using Lyrica 75 mg three times a day and elavil 25 mg in the evening to help dull the roar of burning. It is only partially helpful, I have to take Oxycodone in the afternoon and a sleeping med since it is worse when lying down for sleep with no other distractions - it is just me and the burning from the waist down....

    You could discuss with your doc the use of Neurontin or Lyrica. And the elavil really helps me and many others too. It is an antidepressant med like Cymbalta but a different class. Maybe they could be used together, I don't know for sure.

    Sorry RJP that things are worsening in the pain front.

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