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Thread: Lots of blood after peeing, but then nothing

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    Question Lots of blood after peeing, but then nothing

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so feel free to move it to a different one if needed...

    Yesterday I was in the bathroom trying to pick up the catheter I dropped on the floor and when I leaned over I somehow managed to trap one of my arms between my stomach and legs (don't even ask how I did this... I was just trying to catch the catheter before it hit the floor!)

    Anyway, as I tugged on my arm to try to free it I must have pushed too hard on my stomach or it could have been caused by all the movement of trying to pull my arm free, but my bladder spasmed and I started to pee.

    I didn't mind it because I was already on the toilet, but when I was done there was a LOT of blood on the toilet paper! Now, my periods were never regular so I wiped three of four times thinking it started while I was sleeping (I had just gotten up). There was a lot of blood (my periods usually start off pretty lightly. All of a sudden there was none left (I hope this is not too much information...) and I thought that was a little strange but still figured it was my period and went about my day.

    I had a tiny bit of blood on the catheter the next time I went to the bathroom, but nothing since. I mean not even t tiny bit.

    I'm wondering where this blood came from?

    When I was in the hospital after my sci my urine had the consistency and colour of ketchup and an ultrasound revealed a softball sized blood clot in my bladder! I was allergic to latex and no one (including myself) knew until then (although I did have a rash all the way along the catheter up the inside of my thigh and was bleeding etc.)...

    I'm worried that something is going on, but I can't think of what it could be...

    The back of my neck and around my ears feel a bit hotter and sweatier than usual, but I don't feel like I'm sick or have a fever or anything. I also can't judge anything by my spasms anymore because they are so out of control anyway.

    Has anyone had this happen before? Should I be worried?

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    Not sure. The description you give about the sweat around your neck/heads sounds like mild AD though.

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    maybe you should see your urologist if it persists.

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