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Thread: Do you swim?

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    Do you swim?

    Does anyone out there swim? I'm a c6-7 quad and want to get into it. What accommodations do you use? I've been in the water since my injury but haven't done "real" swimming. I'd love to do it competitively or at least get into some backstroking. Does anyone out there have any info?


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    Have you looking in to training with a certified adaptive swim instructor? There must be someone in the Bay Area. I would first check with the CIL to see if they have any contacts.

    Here are a couple of places to get started:

    Also, the MS Society often sponsors swim programs, and would be a good contact (call the local chapter office) for resources.


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    I use a mask and snorkel for swimming. I can breathe, feel more relaxed and focus on the swimming motions I can do, not spend all of my energy on drowning avoidance.

    I'm the official Pool Nerd* given the gear I use to keep me afloat and alive in h2o.

    * It's a rough job, but some quad's got to do it.

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    I have not been in a pool since my SCI. Would love to be soaking in one for old time's sake. I wonder how I would react now that the dynamics of swimming and just to keep afloat have all changed.
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    Yes, I had a heated pool installed a little over a year post injury, and it's been one of the best things I've done for myself. Can't say the water caused me to regain new nerve function, but certainly I contribute water therapy for assisting me in adding strength to already firing muscles. Because of the dynamics, I'm able put my body through a complete series of active ROM exercises. An added bonus is, I've found water therapy beneficial for lowering my tone and spasticity. Initially, I required a one person assist and two water noodles for balance. Now, I require only one noodle with no assist. Good luck, I hope you find this an enjoyable activity!! One additional note: After reading several studies that cited chlorine as a possible causative of hypothyroidism, I opted for a salt water system, rather then chlorine.

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    I would definately encourage anyone to get in the pool. Of course injury levels dictate what problems or issues you are going to have (transferes in and out, swimming style etc). But it is very liberating.

    I made a very short little video of the swimming and diving that I have managed to do post injury to show to my folks back home. I am honestly rarely happier than when I'm in the water.

    Transfers are quite a personal choice thing, but you'll find lots you can work with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Have you looking in to training with a certified adaptive swim instructor?
    Nice giant blinking purple text!

    I swim, but I have MS. I resisted it for a long time, not so much out of fear that I couldn't do it, but out of reluctance to accept all the accompanying transfers and changing.

    Those things add a bunch of overhead, but I wish I had started doing it earlier.

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    I swim without trouble, the only trouble is I need a hot pool and can't find one hot enough. Only rehabs have pools with 97 degrees and if it is colder, my lips and nails are getting blue
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    Awesome video Mark. My daughter is T-6/7 and she loves to go swimming. The scuba diving looks great!

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    Thanks for the thoughts, everyone!

    KLD, I will look into those links.

    Last weekend I went swimming for the first time since my accident. I was able to do a lot more than I expected and am encouraged that I'll be able to do a lot more with some lessons and practice. I'm a c6-7 incomplete and had no trouble floating around on my back or treading water (my arms are strong). crawl stroke and back stroke were difficult because my shoulders are tight (and it's been eight years since I last swam), but I'm hopeful I can regain some flexibility and do them both!

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