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Thread: Do you swim?

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    I am a c6/7 and used to swim laps. The main 2 problems we have is legs dropping down causing drag and destroying balance, and the inability to effectively propel with hands that don't resist the water well. To solve the 1st, I got foam ankle floats that swimmer squeeze between their ankles for workouts. I strapped those between my knees just above the joint. This keeps the knees together and when rolled over, locks the knees straight. When rolled over this way, if one relaxes, it isn't too difficult to turn your head to one side to breath, since your body rolls rather than resists. With a little upper body floatation (like a tanktop wetsuit) I could lie flat and breath to the side without having to use arms.

    To aid in propulsion, I adapted normal swim paddles. I attached a piece of bent aluminum flat rod. The rod is bent right at the wrist joint about 30 degrees. The end of the rod is strapped to the forearm with a velcro strap that has a D-ring end. The hardest part is slipping the hand and then the one finger through the rubber tubing on the paddles. With the paddles on, you can pretty much swim the crawl and breaststroke normally.

    Without the equipment, floating around the pool is pretty relaxing. Foam pool noodles around the back and under the arms work great. Also putting them under the lower back and thighs to lie more flat. The best pool float is this pool lounge that basically is a long oval inflatable ring with netting inside and a pillow. That lets you lie on the float, but you are semi-submerged, so you stay cool.

    And, by all means get a waterproof ipod case and waterproof headphones.

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    Wow, isn't all this terribly expensive?
    When I try to straighten my back to "swim", it hurts horribly.

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    We have a pool and a water powered lift and I have not been in it in 4 years I think , I have got tired of cleaning it , But I have to admit when I was using it I had better range of motion , my skin was in better condition from the water keeping everything cleaner I guess you could say.I really loved it just kind of got out of the habit of having a little fun time I guess..

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    my friends are determined to teach me to swim this summer. i can float as i'm very... buoyant for some reason. i'm nervous and excited! i really want to learn how to dive but i gotta master this first!
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    I do not swim, but I float around and it is great. I either float in a Kelsyus Floating Lounger or I use a small cheap tube that I slide over my head to under my arms. Then I use ankle weights to keep my feet down. I really like being vertical in the water, it makes the quad gut go away and I then look really too skinny. It is safe, I have tried to flop myself out and could not do it.
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    I try and swim every other day, for $200.00 a year I have unlimited access to indoor heated pool and weight room. Because it is in a retirement comminity the pool is very warm and evenif you just hang on a noodle it can give you quite a work out. It't funny at home it is difficult to walk, but once I am in pool I can walk easily.
    I encourage you to try, I am on the buddy program for now I have someone in the pool with me. There are all kinds of exercises one can do in the water. Sometimes I even forget I am injured....
    The hot tub there also helps stimulate those sore muscles. I tried to go every day, at least for now too much.

    Good luck to you
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