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Thread: wheelchair gloves?

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    ive been using harness day gloves for over 3 years. theyre good
    I've got 99 problems but the wheelchair ain't 1

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    I use Saranac deerskin batter's gloves, they are great for gripping the (uncoated) rims and even grip when they are wet. I use about 4 pair a year, and can usually find them on sale in the fall as well as on ebay. Be aware that they don't always come in pairs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffAdams View Post
    Deb Harness started off making racing gloves (she actually used to work at Nike in some design capacity), I used their gloves for the bulk of my racing career, and Harness everyday gloves have gotten good reviews by quads.

    They're super nice folks too.
    Just got a pair of the palm gloves, thanks for the recommendation I really like them so far. Easy on/off and minimal cut only covers my hand where it needs protection. The palm rubber is nice and tacky and appears durable. Thumb is a little tight for a size large but the suede should relax, otherwise solid glove for $40.

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    I use the 3/4 fingers half thumb, haych for 20.00.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    My suggestion would be to look at what cops wear if you want to go full fingered. Cops have to have reasonable feel (important for doing wheelies and searching criminals) and are more likely to have something that doesn't come in neon orange or pink.
    I use these gloves when it get colder outside--Hatch NS430L Winter Specialist Shooting Gloves.

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    The one thing that has been harder then anything for me to find to wear has been gloves. I mean if it's cold cold then a bulky pair of ski gloves has to do, but for the most part I found a pair 3 years ago and have bought a new pair each year around this time for the cooler months(doesn't really get cold in Texas and if it does, it doesn't last long).

    These are the ones I prefer, Seirus Hyperlite All-Weather Gloves. They are wind proof and very warm for how light they are, I've been able to wear these and still dial on my cell phone or find a song on my iPod, I have not ran across anything that I had to take them off outside to do. They say they are water resistant, I've been out rolling in a light mist while it was cold with them on and they didn't leak through, but if it's in rain or if you are rolling in snow, it's a good chance they will soak through as the seams are sealed. Wore them to watch a football game last November and the temp dropped down to 15 degree's or so and these kept my hands warm. which says a lot as they seriously are very light and thin.
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