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Thread: Tilite TR received

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    Wink Tilite TR received

    Yeah...i know how many tilite's thread is here already, but i know how all of you love wheelchairs too! ^_^

    And so, here is my tilite TR.received it for 2 weeks now with the below specs.

    Seat : 15" width x 15" depth
    STF : 15.5" rear/19" front
    13" adjustable backrest
    17" seat to footrest (adjusted to 16")
    3.5" COG (adjusted to 3.0")
    1.5" seat tapered (3" total)
    V-front end to 10" footrest
    2 degree camber
    4" x 1" aluminum poly
    25" sun fusion db series/kenda tires
    85 degree front end
    ADI disc brake
    fold-in sideguard
    seat adjustable by straps
    open loop footrest
    polished titanium/green anodized

    What i like about the chair :
    I previously use a 18x17 tilite XC, so going to a much smaller wheelchair do need some transition to get used to it.not to mention going from a folder to a rigid is a little odd...bad in some ways...i think...but some were made into advantage, and no doubt rigid is better...better fit means better ride.central hub lock is a big advantage, where the additional weight is negligible...going from 3" micro caster to 4" aluminum poly does give significant difference in ride smoothness...wonder how a 1.5" soft-rolls will do.

    Things that made me disappointed :
    It's not that significantly easier to push compared to my TiLite XC. since i joined this forum, i had a new mindset that rigid is significantly easier to push, but in reality, it doesnt differ that least to my XC. maybe natural fit is a factor. but i really feel like my stamina isnt wasted...i had trouble with the brake at first, because the brake didnt align well, but sent it to local bike shop and problem solved...

    Things that i'm going to alter :
    I may change the tire to 24" and reduce the overall height another 1/2" and change the caster to a 1.5", which might need a new fork...i miss my natural fit on my XC.for now it stays on my XC until i get a new 24" wheel...

    Is it worth the buy?
    I guess...but still thinking if there is any better ride out there (which is affordable...)...but i do love it...^_^ the chair is like the center of attention...everybody praised it...some are envious...and what's most important, i look good in it!!

    p/s : sorry for the blurry pic. my hand isnt the photographer's type...
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    there's a ghost foot in the first picture?

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    ea!!!!!that's weird?!!!

    errr....i really dont know how to explain...=.="
    walking is OVER-RATED!!!

    Broken in August 14th, 2003. T9-L1 complete.

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    Nice chair!

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    Thanks NQ! ^_^ did the job well too...
    walking is OVER-RATED!!!

    Broken in August 14th, 2003. T9-L1 complete.

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    I enjoyed the ghost foot, too.

    Congratulations on your new chair! It would be interesting to see a picture of you in the chair.

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    i'm still confused about the ghost foot. haha I SEE IT! WHAT IS IT!!!!!!!!!!

    nice chair.
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    nice lookin chair congrats! the first pic's kinda creepy with that ghost foot. reminds me of that movie shutter
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    Nice Chair!
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    Radically awesome chair! (Neat ghost foot, too).

    Your siggy is right on.....walking IS way over-rated (especially when you feel like you just did a marathon to get to the toilet on time)

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