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    Does Magnesium have any effect on spasms or hyperextension?

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    I'm not aware of magnesium having any effect on hyperextension - maybe you mean hypertension, which it does help for some people. Magnesium is widely reported to take spasticity down a notch (my understanding is that it helps if magnesium depletion is contributing to the spasticity, but not otherwise). I take a powdered magnesium supplement called Natural Calm because it helps me sleep, but it has never had any effect on my spasticity.

    If you take magnesium and calcium together, they should be in a 2:1 ratio (e.g., 1000mg calcium, 500mg magnesium), and be sure you're also getting enough Vitamin D (either through sunlight, supplemental D3, or both) to assist with absorption. My former neuro was very into nutritional counseling, and she said that it is not necessary to take calcium along with magnesium unless you're taking 600mg or more of magnesium.

    That same neuro also recommended an amino acid precursor called taurine for spasticity (up to 2000mg per day), but it never helped me. She said that if either taurine or magnesium were going to help, it would happen right away - so if you try supplements, you might want to start with small bottles. Best wishes!

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