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    Great Book about Pain

    Several years ago, my husband bought me a book entitled Pain, the Fifth Vital Sign: The Science and Culture of Why We Hurt by Marni Jackson. I never read it. At the time (2002), I was deep in the throes of RSD brought on by surgery to remove a ganglion cyst that ought to have simply been drained, and I just wasn't up to reading about pain on top of experiencing it. But yesterday I ordered the book recommended by Cass, The Pain Chronicles, and decided to read this earlier book as a prelude to the newer one. Well! It is simply marvelous and I strongly recommend it. I was completely hooked by the time I finished the introduction, and couldn't put the book down - am nearly finished with my first reading of it and just had to post a recommendation here.

    Jackson's book is as beautifully and sensitively written as a lyric poem, but also warm, humorous and humane. It explores the understanding and treatment of pain in its cultural, spiritual, psychological and medical dimensions, and includes anecdotal information from patients and interviews with doctors. The book has already helped me to think about chronic pain from different perspectives, which is a blessing because my thinking has grown mighty stale and stiff over the years.

    This book is available at bargain prices from Amazon Marketplace sellers. I am now looking forward to reading The Pain Chronicles when it arrives, whereas I was hesitant to order it for the same reasons I never read this book.

    I debated whether to post this in the new Books forum or here, and decided that here might be better because the book is so strongly focused on pain, per se. But of course the moderators might not agree with that choice, and apologies in advance if the thread needs to be moved.

    (Edited to add: You can read the first six pages of the introduction by using the Look Inside function on Amazon - the intro gives a very nice sense of how the rest of the book unfolds.)
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