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Thread: Bad pain days following good pain days

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    Bad pain days following good pain days

    What's up with that?! I had a pretty decent day yesterday with my pain and today it is flaring! Last week, I had one day where I barely had any of my neuro pain in the next day I could barely do anything my pain was so bad. Especially the arthritis in my hip. Like it's horrible, especially when I need to do weight shifts all the time onto that hip. It's driving me nuts. I try not to complain much about pain because I know so many people have it here to the point where they can barely do anything, but I just have to bring this up. When I'm not doing anything, it's worse than when I'm going out pushing or something, that is of course until I stopped pushing, then it really flares up. Does anyone else have this kind of problem? Of course I know opiates don't really helped with my neuro pain, but it does help with my back pain, and some naproxen helps with my hip just a little and I can only take two a day. It sucks being able to feel that and my lower back, not the skin, just the sore muscles and the arthritis in my hip. Oh well. At least I've got a massager for my messed up shoulder.
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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    rybread - I have the same pattern. Good days follow bad. The bad ones come out of no where. I have tried to be 'scientific' about it and come up with causality. Sure , when I exercise or crutch walk hard , the next day is a flare up. But then there are days that I can for the life of me not come up with any causality. That is not uncommon. The only good to find in this is that as bad will follow good days, there is a hope that a good day will follow a bad. When it becomes bad, I do take oxycodone and more lyrica and even a diazapam. I take Celebrex for any nociceptive component too. It helps me get through the day, although I end up dopey.

    It is all about getting through today it seems. Sorry you are suffering. I am fatiguing from all this, actually.

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    Hey Ry,
    You have defined the nature of neurogenic pain and the antidote, displacement of pain. Neurogenic pain is fickle. Some days you are racked with it, other days, you hardly even know that it is there, and other days, the best you can do is distract yourself (become so involved in something else) to the point that you are just not that much aware of the pain.
    My friend, never diminish your is real, it is there... yes other folks have it...but the pain you have is your pain and that is real to you. Finding ways to cope with it are personal and individual. I wish you well, and a way to push through your pain.

    Hope the summer heat in Phoenix (lived there for 14 years, my wife NL was born in Mesa) is beginning to diminish and you will soon be enjoying a glorious fall in the Valley of the Sun.

    All the best,

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    Yup, at times I haven;t been able to enjoy a really good day, knowing that it wouldn't last. Now, I try to live for the moment.
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    Mine has been much worse here in Arizona Ryan. Don't know if the fluctuating barometer has anything to do with it but it has really been bad. It is not the Arthritic/bone pain that bothers me here. It is the Neuropathic/Central pain that has reared its ugly head and caused me to go on Topomax since last month. I will have one good day then have a couple of horrible horrible days. However, Topamax and Ativan make life bearable at the moment. Unfortunately the drugs make me dopey too and it sucks big time....

    Tomorrow is my last day at work and I leave to move back to North Carolina on September the 24. I wish there was an end to this freakin pain. It has taken my life away yet again!

    I hope you feel better soon.
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    rybread hi there
    I understand and go through pretty much the same pain stuff like you describe it is awfull and sometimes just ruins everything imop

    For me life seems to be a rollercoaster of pain and I just give everything my all and do whatever I have to sort of releive the pain when it really get's bad my friend .
    I hate medications but sometimes have to rely on some to help me in my rough moments .
    I live in TX and our weather is not much different than Arizona according to my chronological weather cyclosporic daily pain punish me today machine on my arm
    I bought my apparatus off a agent 007 but he said because his pain was so bad he didnt want to change the batteries in it .
    Now I just got the upgraded smaller womens version and it is called ;

    gypsylady cyclosporic perpetualator pain machine framusator
    or ; GCPPMF for short code lol
    the framusator is under trial but I am in a good mood right now

    Keep smiling
    Sincerely ;

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    i have really bad days/nights when i don't move cause it hurts. i lie in my waterbed, cry, listen to books, watch movies on my laptop or just lie with an eye pillow over my eyes. then i'll have a very rare day where i can almost remember what no pain felt like (these are about 5/yr). most days now are toward the higher end of the pain spectrum.

    in the 24 yrs of working with this, i do remember bad days followed by relative good days. but not one damn day free of pain that would have driven me to my knees before my injury. not one damn day.

    i forced myself to get up, go to work, smile, work overtime, etc. for what? to make my brain accept more pain as "normal" to get me here where i can't hardly function?

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    Hi Cass
    I know what you mean

    Sincerely ;

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    Oh my, me too! Yesterday, I took so much Ultram that my bp dropped & all I could/did do was sleep. Today, I've just suffered. I always hurt but the severity comes & goes. It just sucks royally to have days when EVERYTHING hurts in a different way & is out of control.

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    Lately, it seems it's been a choice between having effective pain relief from my meds or eating. If I don't eat and take my meds, I get reasonable pain relief, but if I eat the least amount of any carbs--the starch sits on my stomach for HOURS and makes my pain meds ineffective. I'd rather totally starve then put up with this dam nerve pain!!
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