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Thread: US v Europe Wheelchair pricing.

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    US v Europe Wheelchair pricing.

    Mini-rant time

    I've been pricing out my new wheelchair and thought that I should compare the prices (excluding delivery) between where I live, Sweden and the US & UK:

    Price from Sportaid: $3,531

    Price in the UK: £2,981 = $4,639

    Price in Sweden: 40,025 SEK = $5,649

    If I buy from Sportaid and import into Sweden then the price will be liable to 25% tax + import duty of c.$200 plus c.$175 delivery.

    I understand that there are different market forces at play but it still sucks to pay so much extra for exactly the same product

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    What do you get for the taxes paid? I suspect quite a bit more than Americans get which is why we're so antitax.

    Still, all I need to pay 0% tax on any disability related equipment is a doctor's prescription.

    Are you sure there's not the same loophole in Sweden? I don't even pay property tax on my house because my county exempts the permanently disabled. It's a stack of paperwork and a bit of time but it's worth it.

    I'd be surprised if Western Europe didn't do this and more.

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    In the UK you can claim tax-exemption on good for disabled but you still have to pay some import duty's, whilst here in Sweden there isn't anything like that which goes some way in explaining the price difference . You can have the 'State wheelchair' or GTF.

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    Get measured in Sweden, go to the US and buy it, ride it back.


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    That was my thinking too but it could be a struggle to come home with 2 chairs Price works out the about the same but at least I could have a holiday. Another drawback is that it's a 7 hour round drive just to get measured. My last new chair, the Marvel, I got delivered to the UK and flew back with it , leaving my old one there.

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    The state wheelchair? What exactly is the state wheelchair?

    Take a trip to Spain and talk to totoL1 at oracing. It's cheaper than a trip to the U.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radio_buddha View Post
    The state wheelchair? What exactly is the state wheelchair?
    The Govt issue chair, it's not as bad as the days of E&J but not exactly cutting edge like there CF chair.

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    I know all things are relative but, to me, that chair is really cool.

    What are your thoughts on it?

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    It's relatively heavy, difficult to get in the car, and not very comfortable. Give your local reseller a call and test drive one ...

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    I'll take your word for it. They don't have a U.S. operation. I checked about the CF version long ago.

    What are you looking at? What are your settings?

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