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Thread: Honda Element

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    Honda Element

    Does anyone drive one? How do you like it?

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    I've got a 2007 Element and to be honest it's been nothing but trouble! I got it used /w 500 miles on it and bought it thru the Abilities Expo in CA. They build em in MI and modify them there. Currently I only have 30k on it and have already gone thru 5 batteries in one year alone and had to get a new fuel pump this year and many other things. Last nite the engine light came on so it looks like I must call AAA again today for a jump start or tow back to Honda...grrr! Don't get me wrong when it works I love my Element but when it doesn't I'm screwed which lately is more often than not. I'm stubborn and said at age 16 that hell would freeze over b4 I'd ever drive a minivan and still feel that way so was thrilled to get an Element in 2007.

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    Not a single functional problem with mine.

    I have the rear seat on the driver side out, with the passenger rear seat folded up against the side. I can stand, so I move the seat forward, throw my chair in, move the seat back, climb in, and I am off.

    Now, as far as performance and comfort, not so great, but then I'll never be happy with anything other than a sports car.

    -- JB

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