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Thread: Advice on cars for a para

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    I am a little more than a year post injury. I bought a Mini Cooper, its pretty easy to get in and out of, there is a lot of room to get your chair into the passenger seat and it is tons of fun. Hand controls were no problem.

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    I find getting up out of car that sets low to be too physically challenging, especially during cold weather. I recently purchased a Grand Jeep Cherokee and find that much easier to get in and out of. The bonus being there is has sufficient cargo space for either my chair or walker. Good luck in your search.

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    What about the Honda Element with the suicide doors? Does anyone drive that? I'm thinking of looking at a used one to buy now and then hand it down to Rob when he is ready.

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    Simple answer, what ever car you want to. I've had everything from my current big ass 4x4 Ford Expedition to my first car post injury 2 door geo metro convertible. If I can fit my chair into that little bity ass thing then you can pretty much go with what ever you enjoy driving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasWheelz View Post
    Simple answer, what ever car you want to.
    that pretty much is the correct answer, maybe not so much when first injured, but as you build strength and get use to putting your body in weird positions, you will find a way to get in anything. it really depends what you can afford.

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    The choice comes down to 2-door or 4-door.

    4-door pros: you can fit in almost any space and still get your chair if you are careful enough.

    2-door pros: you can get out of any handicap space quickly without scuffing your car.

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    2 doors have a wider front door, easier to get the chair in.

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    The Scion tc has ample room with the doors opening, back seats recline, and the front seats are easy to move around. I would have gotten one if my accident wasnt in one.

    The Scion XB is what I ended up driving for the past 5 years. Huge back seats, incredibly easy to transfer in and out of, and when my rear axles got messed up, I was able to get by with only taking one wheel of the chair and throwing it in the back seat. By far the easiest car I have ever driven.

    After a week or two, or one torrential rain storm, you figure how to get in/out as quickly as possible in whatever car you have.

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    My son drives a Saturn ION and a Mazda RX8, both have the rear opening back doors that make it very easy to set his chair in/out of the back seat. He also just bought a Jeep Rubicon that is more difficult to transfer in/out of, but he says the inconvenience is easily worth it to be able to go 4-wheeling with his friends. I would think you should be able to drive pretty much any vehicle you want, just try it beforehand and don't give up if seems difficult at first- practice improves just about anything.

    BTW- the RX8 is for sale, has hand controls already installed!
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    i drive a saturn ion 2 with the suicide doors. it's awesome!!!
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