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Thread: Breaking Bad & Sons of Anarchy

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    Quote Originally Posted by doingtimeonmyass View Post
    Lynnifer, how far along are you in breaking bad? It's a great show.
    Caught right up - minisodes and all - anxiously awaiting the next season in January! That teacher is really changing and becoming hard ass ... can't wait to see where they take that character next! I've read that there will only be two more seasons.

    I lost interest in Rescue Me as well ... but because of the alcoholic aspect (had enough of it in my life at the time).

    Looking forward to The Event. I like The Gates too.

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    both of these shows are like crack to me.

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    Watched S1 & S2 of SOA and have been waiting for S3 for what seems like a lifetime. I was over the moon to d/l (not shown here in Sweden) the latest instalment. Now all I need is The Unit to return

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    Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 1 premiere tonight on AMC! Good thing I don't have the specialty channels because it's up against True Blood (I just download it later).

    All those years I missed good television working ... LOL. Now I'm addicted to certain shows. It'll be back to Dexter & The Walking Dead in Autumn.
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    We started watching the first "Rescue Me" this week and now am hooked. We are having a heat wave and going outside wilts Dave. When does SAO start again?
    I've heard "Breaking Bad" good too.

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    I'm enjoying season 4 of Breaking Bad so far. It gives me something to look forward to on Sunday nights.

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    Yes, I always look forward to the new episode of breaking bad..thats about the only thing I watch on TV now.

    SoAs last season I thought was crap..totally disappointed in it. doubt I'd go looking for it now.

    Breaking bad was my saviour after Deadwood ended..Good TV is tough to find!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Does anyone else watch these shows? You know what's funny, less than ten years ago, I didn't watch tv at all ... now I'm loyal to like ten shows. Thank goodness for PVR's.

    Both are not available in Canada so I have to download them ... well worth it!

    Breaking Bad is about a high school science teacher who is diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. Expecting a new baby and not wanting to leave his wife and disabled child in financial dire straits, he takes to cooking meth with a former slacker student. Dark hilarity ensues.

    Sons of Anarchy is about a 'Hell's Angels' type of motorbike gang. Katey Segal is in it and is awesome. A former bike gang member writes and another acts in the series ... makes you wonder how anyone gets out of these gangs alive?!

    Lynn...I F*CKING LOVE THESE SHOWS!! I've been watching Breaking Bad since it came out and just started watching Sons of Anarchy. In fact, I'm watching the 3rd episode of Breaking Bad (4th Season) right now. Bryan Cranston is amazing with his role!

    I also watch Weeds. The 7th Season is pretty good. Much better than the previous 2.
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    I thought Weeds got good again, after a few lame episodes.

    Am now on season 3, ep 8 of Breaking Bad. I was saving it for an emergency, this heat wave counts.

    But The Wire remains the best ever TV, lots of ppl agree. Even better than The Sopranos.

    I really like Treme on HBO, it's off season now.

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    got them all, watched them all, if you like these two the you will like this its my favorite so far, also check out Dexter.
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