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Thread: Breaking Bad & Sons of Anarchy

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    Breaking Bad & Sons of Anarchy

    Does anyone else watch these shows? You know what's funny, less than ten years ago, I didn't watch tv at all ... now I'm loyal to like ten shows. Thank goodness for PVR's.

    Both are not available in Canada so I have to download them ... well worth it!

    Breaking Bad is about a high school science teacher who is diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. Expecting a new baby and not wanting to leave his wife and disabled child in financial dire straits, he takes to cooking meth with a former slacker student. Dark hilarity ensues.

    Sons of Anarchy is about a 'Hell's Angels' type of motorbike gang. Katey Segal is in it and is awesome. A former bike gang member writes and another acts in the series ... makes you wonder how anyone gets out of these gangs alive?!

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    We are watching season 1 of SOA. I saw a second season episode and looked god even if violent. We are taping the current season 3. It reminds me of Sopranos on bikes. En ought drama for me and violence for Dave. I am hooked.
    Sometimes we have a hard time getting though a movie with the respiratory interuptions and decided to watch some series this winter.
    A friend really likes "Rescue Me."
    We never watched so much TV either.
    What are some other good ones?

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    Rescue Me is an awesome show. Too bad it's the last season. I didn't like Sons of Anarchy very much but there's some shows on Showtime that are well worth getting it for. Weeds, Californication, Dexter, The Big C, and a few other ones are really good. HBO also has a great season coming out. There's another show on FX that I can't remember the name of right now. A&E just started a new season of Hoarders. That's an interesting show if you're into real TV. And it looks like NBC is going to have quite the selection this season.
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    We watched all of the seasons of "Weeds" this summer.
    I liked the earlier ones a lot, then got weird.
    My favorite HBO show was "Deadwood." I was so pissed when they pulled it off.

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    Rescue Me, Glee, Weeds, True Blood, Rachel Zoe, Flipping Out. LOVE No Reservations w/ A. Bourdain. I've been Netflixing Breaking Bad, so far so good. I'll tell you, the BEST TV ever was The Wire. Start from the beginning, on Netflix or somewhere. (I bought it from It's amazing how sad you can be that like 70 hours of TV is over! I have to say it surpasses even The Sopranos.

    I plan to netflix Dexter from the beginning as soon as I'm sure I won't get skeered. Silly, but bad guys can make you afraid if you aren't used to living alone!

    Looks like I need to netflix soa too, huh?

    After 25 years of being vice-president of the remote control, I'm not ashamed to say that I like being Commander In Chief!

    I am ashamed to say I'm addicted to The Real Ho-wives of Scandalous Wastes of Skin, plus Jersey Shores (Where Pseudo-Italians Look Like Aliens.) I just can't quit them...
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    I think Dexter will be the next one we start to Netflix. Maybe Rescue Me and the Wire after that.
    We have a hard time agreeing on movies, so he watches the stuff I don't like with his aides. Life has indeed gotten strange since SCI.
    I fear a long winter coming on. Harder to get out then.

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    Lynnifer, how far along are you in breaking bad? It's a great show.

    I've seen some season 1 episodes of SOA and probably should watch them back to back. I've heard Henry Rollins is in season 2. It's just hard imagining grown adults being so wrapped up in a MC. I guess I just don't get the whole gang mentality.

    Have you seen showtime's Hung yet? It's good for a few laughs IMO. I'm really looking forward to the next season of Dexter. I also plan to check out ABC's Detroit 1-8-7 with Michael Imperioli later this month.
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    I predict you'll both like The Wire. Rescue Me can go either way, it documents a misogynistic culture. Last winter was one of my worst of all time. The Wire distracted me for 70 glorious, noisy hours of subtle entertainment. The good guys have bad sides to them and vice-versa. Concentration is required. In my case, closed captioning was required. (It's based in Baltimore, the same city where the DEA is trying to hire Ebonics translators. No, I did not make that up!)

    No speeka d'Ebonics up in hyah.

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    I'll have to order the wire from netflix. I used to watch rescue me, but lost interest after a while. As I recall, the first 2 seasons were good though.

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