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Thread: Check out this guy's elevator!

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    oh.. and you can see the whole house here if you're interested..

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    Hi Beerod-that's a great loft! I like the exposed brick.

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    Beerod, that lift has been in my brain for many years. Alas, I am not an engineer and it has never been more than a fuzzy image. It has always seemed ridiculous to me that to access more than one floor in a home you must pay for the complexities of a conventional elevator (and then worry about the dreaded power outage).
    I can imagine your lift tricked out with some metal art, etc.
    Who designed and built it for you?

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    Cool place!

    I wonder about heating, wall and attic insullation, etc. I imagine there isn't any.

    In regards to the lift, I wonder if the same principles could be incorporated into an inclined platform stair lift?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerod View Post
    oh.. and you can see the whole house here if you're interested..
    your house is perfect.
    An administrator made me remove my signature.

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    Hi Brod, could we see a close up of the wheels and the way that they are attached to the track they go up and down on, please? It looks like the track is an I-beam in the video.
    If we ever have a CareCure Cribs contest I am nominating your house as the winner.

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    That is the shit! No power necessary? Hot damn!

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    That is AWESOME! and TOTALLY designed by a theatre person! I LOVE that lift! I WANT ONE!!!
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    hey skippo.. i'll take a pic and post sometime for you, and number 1.. i designed it.. i've always been a bit of a tinkerer but this was a bit too big for me to build solo so had a local steel fabrication firm make up the components and a handy group of strong friends help with the installation. i love it.. it's been running for around 18 months now and i still appreciate it every day. well worth all of the head scratching.

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