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Thread: Check out this guy's elevator!

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    Love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Them Bones View Post
    Love it!

    I've always wanted to rig up some kind of platform using climbing gear & skip on the 5-figure elevator costs... never thought to use counterweights though.

    good find.

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    That's slick, and you never have to worry about power failures.

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    I just had an awful (awful funny) thought. I have a friend in that's weighs a good 150 + more than me. Hope he doesn't get on the lift without warning.
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    Very elegant and simple. I always wished there was also a lift not electrically powered to get in a minivan, like you just need to help yourself up a bit and the rest of the work would be done by some well adjusted gas springs.
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    awesome rep
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    Clever thinking

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    Very nice!!!

    To make it so you would not need to "pull" yourself up, there could be a water 'assist'. turn the valve to add water/weight, turn it again to loose water/weight.
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