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Thread: Cod and Chicken Corneal Crusted Nuggets and NY Strip

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    Cod and Chicken Corneal Crusted Nuggets and NY Strip

    It's Friday night.........wife wants her steak and Cathryn and I opted for fish and chicken!!

    Put the potatoes on the extended grate to start off with. NOTE: They cook much faster up there.

    Added the normal red onion with EVOO for my wife.

    Then the bell pepper.

    Added the chicken to the extended grate. Chicken was dipped in egg and cornmeal seasoned with Old Bay and let to 'set up' in the fridge a couple hours before grilling. This helps keep the crust on.

    Moved the chicken down and added the cod which had been done the same as the chicken, but before the chicken.

    Added the steak

    We're getting there.

    Dinner is ready.

    Shared the sweet potato with Cathryn and we both applied a liberal dosing of Wolfe Rub Original, awesome on sweet potatoes if I say so myself.

    It's extremely hard, well impossible for me to eat fried or simulated fried chicken or fish without drowning it in sauce on anything crusted is like butter on's a Southern Thang!
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    I threw a couple of cheap chuck eye steaks on the grill last night. Had not been able to get to the store for other goodies.
    They were delicious, but not as pretty.
    Figured our grilling days are getting limited.

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    didn't you just get the hardware to lift the rack? and now you're all like Mr. Extended Grate! there's no furor like that of the newly converted!

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy your postings

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