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Thread: Congress registers its support for human embryonic stem-cell research

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    Congress registers its support for human embryonic stem-cell research

    Congress registers its support for human embryonic stem-cell research

    As the National Institutes of Health fights in court for permission to resume long-term funding for research involving human embryonic stem cells, some members of Congress are coming to the agency’s defense with a proposal to make President Obama’s stem-cell funding policy the law of the land.

    Monday in Washington, D.C., Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Penn.) spoke in favor of the Stem Cell Research Advancement Act. This bill would make clear Congress' intent to allow federal funds to be used on the promising research, which is controversial because the cells themselves are derived from days-old human embryos, which are destroyed in the process.

    The bill has passed Congress twice – in 2005 and in 2007 – but was vetoed both times by President Bush. It was re-introduced in February 2009, but action on it stalled after Obama expanded stem-cell funding through an executive order.

    Here’s some of what Specter had to say:

    “More than 400,000 embryos are stored in fertility clinics around the country. If these frozen embryos were going to be used for in vitro fertilization, I would be the first to support it. In fact, I have included funding in the HHS budget each year since 2002 to create and continue an embryo adoption awareness campaign. For fiscal year 2010, this campaign is funded at $4.2 million. But the truth is that most of these embryos will be discarded, while they hold the key to curing and treating diseases that cause suffering for millions of people.”


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    Senator Pushes Bill Legalizing Stem Cell Research
    Specter seeks to sidestep court case by legalizing embryonic stem cell research

    The Associated Press
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    By JIM ABRAMS Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON September 13, 2010 (AP)
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    Sen. Arlen Specter is seeking to legalize federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and supersede conflicting court decisions that he says are slowing critical work to find cures for crippling diseases.


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    Fartimus Lamberth is causing all kinds of action by Congress. If the outcome is stronger language permitting research using embryonic stem cells; good.

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    Just read where newly elected tea party candidate for senator of delaware; Ms O'doonel is againt stem cell research funded by US gov't. Spence of illinois or Indianna; forgot which is also against it. We need the law written ina way that makes funding permanent and put these people to sleep. I say this bewcause I know things are coming that will help millins, not thousands , of people with various illnesses. I hope that Lamberth gets out of the way and the researchers quit using this as an excuse no t o coninue on quietly to get more human trials into play. Wise will start his trial in a few weeks and Empory University along with Geron will be starting their trials sonn also. We need to see results ; preferally in phase 1 safety trials, that will proplt the grees to kick in. Once progress in visible, the sidelines will start kicking in and a host of new projects will multipy. I firmly believe that things will be availble for our community that were never availabe in the past. I hope I'm right and firmly believe I'm right. Please make your voices heard to the Obama Admisistration adn your Sens and Representetive. In the meantime, say a prayer, or just hope that things will begin these last months of 2010. We're going to do this; we'are going to do this. Anew day is dawning with upside potential to the highest degree.

    keeping on

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    Too many Tea Party freaks are christian extremeists.
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    Doesn't Dickey-Wicker need to be repealed first? With that hanging in the background, any new law can be overridden.

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