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Thread: Need an EASY Mexican Food Recipe

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    Need an EASY Mexican Food Recipe

    Looking for a great and EASY Mexican Food recipe that just consists of little or no cooking...

    Edited to say:

    This is for 24 people, and I will be taking the food an hour from home, and there will be no time to microwave the food...

    Any ideas?


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    Can you warm things up (ie microwave)?

    One of our standard busy evening meals is tacos:

    Refried or whole drained beans from a can
    Grated cheese

    Warm it up in the microwave, add lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream, whatever makes you happy.


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    That sounds great for a home meal...and I promise I will do that here...great idea, but...

    I failed to post on the first post that this is for a gathering of 24 ladies, and there will be no time to microwave anything...

    Plus I live an hour away, so that puts yet another spin on things...

    So far, I have come up with some cinnamon sticks/chips to sort of replicate the cinnamon twists you can get at Taco least the cinnamon flavor...

    But I am still thinking...and still need ideas!



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    So can this be a dish that's cooked ahead of time, and then served room temp or reheated (like a dish you'd bring to a potluck)?

    And does it need to be authentic Mexican, or can it be Tex-Mex or some other variation?

    Taco salad, seven layer dip, a casserole of enchiladas, tamales, all might fit the potluck description.

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    I was originally thinking enchiladas, but you would need to rewarm them.

    This recipe is not from Mexico, but from El Salvador, but should work for your needs. It is best if made the day before:


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    Katja, it can be fact that actually is the theme...thanks for the other ideas!

    KLD, great idea... I'll keep that one in mind and also for future reference... Thanks!!!

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    Cool 7 layer dip

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    You could actually just take some flour tortilla shells, fry them in oil till they are puffy, remove from oil sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and then break into smaller pieces. That may be what you are already thinking of.

    Or couldn't you just take nacho chips and have warmed up nacho cheese put into a thermos, I think that would stay warm.

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    My all time favorite is to put a large piece of meat (we usually use beef of some sort, I'm not sure of the actual cut, I would use Chicken now that I can't eat beef) into a crock pot with a jar of slasa (can use 2 jars if using a lot of meat), turn the crock pot on overnight and let cook. Pull the meat as it gets tender, and serve when meat is fully cooked and fully pulled. Bring flour tortillas, cheese , lettuce, sour cream, beans, etc. and they make THE BEST tacos/burritos. The salsa adds a lot of flavor, but also makes the meat super tender (meaning you don't have to buy the most expensive cut of meat, a cheap cut works just as well).

    My second easy to make (definitely tex-mex) meal is to cube a stick of Velveta cheese (usually NOT found in the refrigerated section) and put small cubes into a glass bowl. Add 1 can of Hormel Turkey Chili (or Chili of your choice) to a small stick of Velveta, or 1 can of Chili for 1/2 of large stick of Velveta (2 cans for whole stick). Place glass bowl with Velveta and chili into microwave. Microwave for 2 minute intervals, taking the bowl out to stir cheese and chili together. Continue cooking in microwave until cheese is fully melted and chili is mixed. Serve with tortilla chips.
    You could probably cook this in a crock pot as well, but be careful to stir so the cheese doesn't get stuck on the bottom of the crock pot.
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    You could also take this as a dip:

    Spicy Bean Dip

    1 8oz. jar of spicy bean dip (Trader Joe's is best)
    1 ripe avocado
    1 8oz. container of prepared fresh salsa
    1/2 lb. cheese (usually cheddar), shredded

    Mash avocado, add rest of the ingredients and mix well. Chill. Serve with Fritos or corn chips.


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