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    thanks everyone, this info was very helpful to me too

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    Quote Originally Posted by PU92 View Post
    There seems to be a slight difference of opinion about crank width. As far as I can tell the low riders tend to have more narrow widths and the uprights tend to be wider. True?
    Typically, riders that are more upright are required to have the cranks wider because they have to clear the legs. However, when sitting more upright with the cranks right in front of you, it's better to have them a little wider, anyway. Unless one has full use of the trunk (and maybe even some use of the legs), it's difficult to get much of a pull on the cranks when you're sitting upright.

    On the other hand, the super-reclined position usually has narrower cranks as most people using it are shooting for max aerodynamics, and the position lends itself to a very strong pull (with a weakened push). As you can see on anything that uses a rowing motion, the hands are always close together on the pull.

    If looking for an all-around bike, I would try to find something that uses a neutral position that allows you to both push and pull. For most folks, that would mean a bike that is partially reclined (but nowhere near as extreme as the new race bikes). For most wheelchair users, we get enough pushing motion throughout our day-to-day activities (wheeling, transfers, etc...). While a handbike that only uses a pushing motion is still low-impact and will help you to get fit, it won't be as beneficial to our shoulders and elbows as something that allows us to both push and pull. I've known quite a few wheelchair racers and b-ball players that had trouble with their shoulders. Granted, both of those activities are high-impact, but they both rely heavily on just a pushing motion to propel. A handcycle with a neutral position (equal push and pull) will be an asset to helping stay fit and keep joints healthy. For all intents and purposes, that means a bike with cranks that are around chest level and a seat that is partially reclined (so you don't pull yourself off the backrest and into the cranks.)

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    Thanks for all of the great info. I hope to do a demo or two then bite the bullet and get something ordered. And based on all of the CC forum feedback and previous posts it's a lot easier to make an informed decision. It's not like I've been sitting around on my a$$ doing nothing but, wow, are a lot of you are so much more active when it comes to recreation and working out. We now have 2 young boys (3 & 1) and it's sinking in that I better do something to get in shape or I'll never keep up with them. If i could physically do it, I would kick myself for waiting so long to look into this. Thankfully, I haven't waited too long or gotton too out of shape but i have a lot of catching up to do.

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    I've been looking at hand cycles too. I contacted my Invacare dealer, and he put me in touch with the company rep who brought over to my house two different Force models to try for a week at my leisure. I realize that may be unusual, but I would advise anyone wanting to do a demo to at least make the calls and ask.

    I used to be a racer before my injury. I'm kind of like PU92 in that I finally woke up to realize it will take work to stay in shape past 40, and I want to be able to ride with my kid.

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