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Thread: Dumped by pain management physician

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    i am just wondering the 'whys" here in what possessed this doc who helped you with the 'appropriate" type of meds for YOUR condition, just suddenly refused another Rx to continue your pain relief to at least some degree? you ARE owed an explanation here at the very least chomp. i too am in PM and have been since 04, and when ANY NS states you simply cannot get anymore injections for ANY reason, thats it, ya know? there HAS TO be a specific reason as to why he stopped Rxing this to you that you seriously need to ask him about? what the heck is he thinking?

    depending upon what this sadistic doc tells you i would most certainly start looking for a better educated type of PM who actually understands spinal cord produced pain. the type of PM that loves to shove injections down everyones throat reguardless of whether or not it is even in the very best interest of the actual patient, is NOT one that i would stick with. thats practically negligence on the PMs part there, esp after he actually read what the NS stated, or very darn close to it. injections are only good for very specific spinal issues, and this is NOT one of those, thats for sure.

    i do hope you can find another PM and quickly just to keep your pain on a more even keel here? but DO ask that idiot of a PM exactly 'why' he 'chose' not to actually even continue to 'appropriately" treat what he had actually started? "something" made him change this and that IS what you need to know for YOUR best interest in finding another PM too? who knows what was going on in HIS lil brain, or just what he may be actually 'assuming' about you that could impact finding another PM in some way? i would be asking some questions of him if i were you right now. good luck chompers. marcia

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    Thanks Marcia.
    Ah see this is the kicker, this happened last week Thursday, my surgical consult (1st one!) is tomorrow, so Thursday, and my appointment with this guy (pain) is not until the 2nd week of OCTOBER!!! (Take an Advil see you next month)
    So I don't know the reasons, but you bet right after this appointment I will call him and tell him to shove it. I have set up an appointment for next Wednesday at a Rehab Hospital (listed as one of the best in this forum). Hopefully the surgeon can help me tomorrow.
    I have been tapering my doses and have hardly and pain management, not working at all this week. Was working pt already.
    How sad this is what life has become.

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    My experience with pain management has been with anesthesia specialist and hands on specialist which was a DO nueromusculoskeletal medicine osteo manipulation cranial sacral and let me tell you most problems are structural. Injections do not do anything structural. So find a well qualified physician and don't be fooled by chiro docs.

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    @ Thatguy2010- totally understand what you are saying, I am at a rehabilitation hospital...
    This guy who did this... he was ALL of the above that you describe... that is why I was so shocked!

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