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Thread: Dumped by pain management physician

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    Dumped by pain management physician

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a total loss.

    After living my life in severe pain for the last 2 years and having numerous injections I developed a new symptom- numbness in my left leg.
    I went to see a new physician who did more nerve blocks and injections, but the numb feeling only got worse. I was on mild pain killers that did not stop the pain, and on top of that I was sleeping 2 -3 hours a night.
    At my nagging I had a new MRI - diagnosis- tethered cord.
    I have an appointment with a surgeon next week.This doc then prescribed morphine, 15mg every 4- 6hours.
    It has helped a little bit.

    I went in for a "med check" 2 days ago, and my physician told me he would not be prescribing any more medication for me. PERIOD. Basically I should take an Advil and drive myself to work daily etc. BUT he is "happy to do any injection". My surgeon specifically said not to do ANY injections. Now please keep in mind I was only on the morphine for 3 weeks, it's not like I have been on it for 2 years and he has a problem continuing it.

    Needless to say I was suicidal when I got home.
    Not because of my diagnosis but because physicians continue to pull this stuff on me. Years ago my pelvic pain was "heart burn" or "making it up"
    Now it seems to be - have a $4000 injection so I can make some money, and I will give you meds. Otherwise go home and suffer.

    Just as an added insult- the physician is certified in pain management, and he had a PRINT OUT of Tethered cord which states- "causes SEVERE lower back pain, radiating to legs"

    Has anyone had this happen? What do I do??

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    Time to find a new pain management doctor. Remember they work for you.

    As far as being missdiagnosed it happens all the time. With SCI there is so little they know when compared to other types of deceases .

    Need new organs, knees etc. The docs do well, nerves not so good.
    It's like a car, parts are easy to replace .

    Now a problem in the electrical system is another story. You can search forever and never find the cause.

    Be Big,
    L4/L5 CES

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    I have accepted the misdiagnosis part... so frustrating to have someone just leave you stranded like that.
    Mind you I have to work and actually function!

    But you are right- they work for me...
    Will just need to move on

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    I can almost GUARANTEE you that you signed a "pain contract" with the pain management doctor when you had your first visit that basically says that you will have no pain meds prescribed by another physician (there may be a stipulation that the other doctor can get permission from the pain doc before prescribing). The pain doc probably got a report from the ortho surgeon that said you are now being prescribed Morphine, and he called it quits. He also could have phoned your pharmacy to see if you had any pain meds prescribed from other doctors. (On my pain contract I had to put which pharmacy I planned to fill all my meds at along with their phone number).
    I'm sorry your pain doc dropped you, that is never fun. You can contact his office and ask for the name of another local pain doc that might take your case, or ask to have your records transfered to another office. Make sure you read anything you sign, so you know what you are signing. I'm glad you finally got a diagnosis. Good luck with the surgeon, and keep us updated.
    SCI as a result of spinal surgery
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    I think Curvy is probably right. It's real easy to forget that kind of thing; you expect the system to be reasonable, then wham! Do you suppose this surgeon might give you a little help finding another pain mgmt doc?
    - Richard

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    I had something similar, not w/ pain mgmt but GP. I turned down his scary surgeon suggestion, insisted on specialist. He shut me down on pain meds. The surgeon worked w/ me until my surgery.

    You can't cave in, he wants to give you injections you aren't supposed to have, how terrifying.

    You need to consider it YOU fired HIM, f-in quack.

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    I have just one question. What was the cost of the injections. I had a simlar offer. The price was six hundred dollars for an injection. A textbook on Interventional Management of Pain gave the landmarks which were very simple. So a syringe, a needle, and a little lidocaine. In just a minute or so, Six hundred dollars.

    Maybe you won't know the price because you did not get the injections.

    Even at these rates, the doctor later quit giving injections. He said he didn't want to pay the higher malpractice rates for injections. I didn't realize it was so risky. Writing a script is only ONE hundred dollars, and maybe the risk of lawsuit is smaller. What we need is a McDonald's for pain management. one supersized injection to go please.

    There is a lot about pain management that doesn't seem to make sense. The relentless pressure to not give controlled substances any longer even if the pain has not stopped. The ignorance of clinical syimptoms of nerve injury pain. The sort of psychological game that seems to arise whenever the symptoms are pain related. Sometimes it seems the professionals wander around in the dark. After they scrutinize me through narrowed eye slits, and sigh hopelessly at my bizarre pain descriptions, they cave and give me something.
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    Nope- I only had 1 person giving me the meds.
    The neurosurgeon I am seeing has a partner, who is friends with my boss- and also is a neurosurgeon (but does not specialize in tethered cord)
    Because of this he looked over all my records and MRI and told me to hold off any any further injections. That is all. I ONLY take morphine from 1 doctor - this doctor
    I have no other physicians besides a GP, but all she does is seen me if I have a cold.

    The injections came out $4030- I have the bill. The insurance company already sent him a check for $3627. I had 2 injections so $2015 a pop.

    I was just diagnosed, and the same day as he did the injections he gave me a script for the MRI. When I came back it was "tethered cord"- injections did not work, so he scheduled me for an epidural. After this I was told not to do anything until I see a neurosurgeon. He seemed fine with it. He denies that all my symptoms - so urination problems, leg numb, weakness, severe pain is related to the tethered cord.
    I was originally diagnosed with coxodynia and pelvic dysfunction. Both were semi controlled with Amrix- a muscle relaxer, and pelvic PT. But then things went from bad to horrible pain wise, so I finally went in to see a doc.

    It now (even on the morphine I have left) takes me 4 hours to get out of the house. Unbearable pain.
    To be 100% frank, I am 30 years old, with a father who has stage 4 colon cancer- I really do have access to anything and everything. I have never taken a pill from my dad. I really am just baffled by this. I feel like he is just doing this so I will do the injections? Or he really does not think I have tethered cord, even though it says so on my MRI, the disk was reviewed by 2 other docs also confirming it?

    I will speak with my surgeon to see who he can refer me to next week, otherwise it's ER for me.

    I am a bit confused- he didn't even give me instructions to taper my dose!

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    Watch the er, you'll get red-flagged as a drug seeker and sent home w/ ibuprofen. Compassion is in short supply these days.

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    Ugh!!!! Okay- so this is where my confusion comes from- if you do a simple Google search on tethered cord, it will say "severe pain" ... which is what I have. So I have diagnosis and medical data stating- causes severe pain. Why would they think this??
    Trust me I want to avoid it at all costs.

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