I had a chance to go back to work, not sure if i could do it or not but i wanted to at least try.

So i go in for the interview and 1/3 way thru she comes out of left field asking me about my health problems. She segwayed into this from the time off from leaving my last job. After my response she shut down. I could see it happening so i reassured her that i was able to work full time ect... She then makes a comment like "Still, that is serious ect..." after another explanation of things i left it alone. She claimed to be very knowledgeable but it was obvious she was not.

I am partly relieved and the other part mad as hell. Being turned down for a job which i am very qualified for, passed all background checks and have no obvious reasons why i would not be hired pisses me off.

I suppose i will just hope for the disability and go from there with Social Security. But i am bummed either way tonight.