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Thread: standing chair funding

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    standing chair funding

    Anyone have any advice/ experience regarding the magic words to convince insurance to fund a standing power wheelchair?

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    A letter from your doctor and therapist helps.

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    The wheelchair companies usually have suggestions based on what they have used in the past. You could also try entering The Standing Company's drawing, they give away one chair every year.

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    Our insurance company doesn't cover them but we were able to get Simon's fully funded fundraisers held on his behalf for the chair. (Coworkers/church/etc.)

    The Standing Company is great to work with. They custom build each chair to the height and weight of the person needing it. Their Web address is or you can call them at 1.800.standing. The chair shown on their home page sold for $7,500 in February. It stands with very little effort. They also make power models. If you get a manual, they can convert it to power in later years using the original frame. We are fortunate that they are only one and half hours away from us but I know that they have salespeople out of state too.

    They also have funding letters available that will help you find ways to get the funding.

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    I got mine fully paid for through Anthem insurance in Maine. That was in 2003-2004. Now we have anthem insurance and my vendor says that i even have to pay for shipping. any way. they had a sample letter of what you Doctor should say . I actually wrote up a sample letter and gave it to him them he used some of it and also added his lingo. I also had a lady at Cigna that was really helpful. hope this helps. I am looking into buying my second one. The fist one I beat up pretty good. I have used it a Lot!

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