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Thread: I hate almost everybody and everything about this f'ed up sci life

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    I hate dependence (and being more dependent than others of my level thanks to pains.) I hate pains. And spasms. And bowel care and Foleys. And whatever SCI-related crap I missed.

    And politicians.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    I hate those fuckers who shot my son for no reason, just for a piece of gold.
    I hate to see my son hurt and in pain.
    I hate to my child sad.
    I hate SCI.
    My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macska View Post
    I hate those fuckers who shot my son for no reason, just for a piece of gold.
    I hate to see my son hurt and in pain.
    I hate to my child sad.
    I hate SCI.
    amen. i'm sorry for anybody living this hell. for years, it didn't seem so bad. now i just hate it. it's the damn pain. and the anger in my son and me. i don't want to be all negative. but i wanted this thread to be a place where it's ok to be negative, frustrated and see others are too.

    sometimes, it just helps. well, it helps me to have somewhere where i don't have to pretend anymore to myself or anybody. where i can just say, i f'ing hate this and all the inspirational stories just turn me off. i hope others have gotten something here that helps them go on.

    i just wish i had my life back. i can't help but wish that even as i know i must push forward. i'm tired of reinventing my reality, but that's what we all do in order to keep going, i guess.

    but, ftr, i HATE SCI and disabilities, but i am glad i'm alive.

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    I feel really pissed off sometimes. SCI has stolen our lives. It affects absolutely every part of life as we knew it.
    We make the best of it, but there is no way around the fact that it sucks.

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    Hi Cass
    Although I am replying late in your thread
    I hope you dont hate me

    SCI lifestyles is frustrating , painfull and mind boggling
    So many people SCI victims like us go through so much but there is always light at the end of the tunnel .

    Sometimes I feel so trapped in my body it is agrivating but I wont let the quirks of these challenges ruin my life or positive outlook to get me through them rough spells .

    The word Hate is a heavy word that carries lot's of consequences
    I try to refrain from using that ugly word but I understand how you feel .

    Keep in touch and keep smiling

    I enjoy reading your posts
    So you have a plus from me
    Sincerely ;

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    The part i dislike most about sci are the cowards who were supposed to be my friends, who disappeared as time went on, who could not deal with my disability, who are soooo busy with their able bodied lives. Who when you meet them out in a shopping centre or give them a call who say...I was only just thinking about you but I have been so busy, we must meet sometime, but they never do. Being in pain 24/7 and never having a full nights sleep that sucks too...along with alot of other stuff.

    That said I am grateful I am alive to be with my great kids, who ask for many things but they never asked for a mum with sci.

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    I miss putting my jeans on in less than five seconds. Shower sex... any sex. I miss going through drive-up coffee stands. I hate not being able to get up early on Saturdays. I miss blending in. I hate people who say, "but look at all you can do!" Like I need them to hand me a fucking consolation prize. All those comments do is make them feel better about pitying me.

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    Dear Muriel Hows Ireland ? My aunt is from there

    If a friend doesnt know you after your accident ( Cowwards )
    these people probably were not true friends in the first place .

    Sci injuries plain out stink I wish there was something I could do to take pain away from you and make you feel better .

    Hiyaz anban I hear you Buko time's I've been told the same infamous phrase
    " but look at all you can do ! "
    I ask them Like what do you think is my all ?
    With a smirk on my face !

    I miss my Fav pairs of old jeans

    Sincerely ;

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    SHIT HAPPENS.manure is the shit thats been shitted out but even smaller creatures, the world is governed by our ability to deal with crap, crap happens, the only logical solution is to grow food we eat and produce ever more crap,,,,,,,and if you die you become crap.. the human existence crappy get use to the crap....

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    .. my advice is grow tomatoes eat them and produce more crap..

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