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Thread: I hate almost everybody and everything about this f'ed up sci life

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    I hear you. The pain is annoying and constantly knaws at every facet of your life. I feel like I just make it through the day with nothing to look forward too. Maybe it will get easier but it seems like it just another day of agony. I find it hard to be interested in things. I don't know what the answer is but someday there may be a cure. I have run out of painkillers and have to go beg from the doctors again and I just feel like my life is a rut that I can't dig my way out of. I used to be smart but now my life just seems to be about trying to get by in life. I have a wife and two kids and some pets that make me feel better but when I am on my own life sucks. We all need to bitch it's the only way we can deal with this crap.

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    I forgot to mention but my bowels seem to dictate my freedom.

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    the pain, leading to loss of job of many yrs, the teenage son stress by myself, the paternal gp's wanting him out of state at tday, leaving me absolutely alone, etc etc are def doing me in. 4 yrs ago, woulda been manageable...they fin don't get it. haven't even been here in 5 yrs. but...all my fault, course. i put too much on him. fin kid doesn't even empty garbage. gimme break.

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    the longing of wanting to just do the things you loved before the injury..

    playing sports, freedom.. the options
    you wouldnt do 90% of the things you wanted to do.. but you no longer have the option to do it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Fran├žais View Post
    Your statement assumes that the person who believe non-existence is better than their consciousness is automatically wrong. I don't agree with that, Cory. I'm not suicidal and have never attempted it, but I sympathize with those who've done it. I think some people find themselves in circumstances in life that are overwhelmingly devastating and I can see where the biological urge to survive is surpassed by the desire to end the suffering, whether it be physical or emotional.
    I agree with what your saying but I didn't say ALL, I said some believe that nothingness is better than their current state of living which is true. Cass is in a shitty situation. There is no right answer to make cass feel better because life keeps on moving along and it doesn't care if you are miserable or happy.

    When I was in the suicidal state of mind I didn't have hate towards anyone just general hate of life in general. The only thing that kept me going was family and looking forward to what the future might bring.

    So i'm agreeing that cass life does suck in a big way sometimes but I hope something in the distance will keep you going.
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    I am so bored of SCI, UVI, no jobs and steps everywhere. I think someone else can take over 41 years in a few month, it is long enough.
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    I hate the fact that I feel I've wasted 25yrs. Sometimes I wish the 12yr old had died.

    Sure, I've done a lot - and on my own at that - big deal. I'm left feeling pretty darn empty.

    Across the board, some friends have kids starting school full-time, some have kids going to university for the first time. I'm here. Alone. Even acquaintances who are on welfare have families and seem to have so much fun every weekend.


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    Go out kids, have some fun, do some Sailing or some other sports. If it were not for Sports my life would not be as good as it is. You need to have a passion for something.

    The way I always looked at it is whats better something or nothing? As long as I'm alive I've got something, I believe when you are gone you have nothingness. What more is a brain than a bunch of neurons communicating, once they are dead it is nothing, some will argue there is spirit or a soul, I don't really buy it.
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    soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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    Agreed with Curt, "passion about something".

    The way I've learned to process the shit that sci brings is to realize:

    1. Every day I have a choice; Get up and get moving or not.

    2. Being alive after these catastrophic injuries is a blessing. It's hidden and you have to dig like hell to find it but when you do, you'll find a purpose (family, career, hobbies, etc.) for dealing with all the day to day horrors that we face. Focus on the productive it mitigates the frustration.

    3. We don't have a monopoly on pain or misery. Simply turn on the news.

    4. We're better prepared to cope with other's suffering. Share those coping skills, they're invaluable.

    5. Change is the only constant in life. Better to embrace it than fight it. Besides, there might be something good tomorrow.

    Peace, onward and upward.


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    Great advice Chris, even if I'm in the mood to say 'phooey' on that. lol

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