Hello Dr. Young and everyone else,

Above all, I want to so say that I am very pleased to be able to seek for information here. Thank you everyone. And now my story that brought me here.

On 9 June 2010, my father got a car accident. Now he is paralyzed. Docters have said that he has spinal cord fracture on th8 and and neurological deficit from th9. He has no feeling below his belly button and he suffers from incontinence of feces and urine.
Since the accident he is very active in physical therapy, occupational therapy and he does many different exercises to keep his legs in good shape. But still, he has a lot of pain and he would do everything to get better or at least better than the situation that he is into now.
So thats why he is considering stem cell therapy. His main goal is not necessarily to get feeling back in his legs, but at least to regain control of his bowel and bladder.

I have been working so hard and have been busy with searching for hospitals, clinics or doctors who apply stem cell therapy and who has successful experience with spinal cord injury patients. It literally feels like I'm thrown into the deep. It's really hard to see through what is reliable and what not. Al these hospitals and private clinics talks so highly about stem cell treatments.

My question to Dr. Young and the rest is, do you have any experience, good or bad with these doctors (hospitals/ clinics) that offer stem cell treatment which you might want to share with me.

Some private clinics / hospital / doctors that I found are:
1. XCell-Center (by doctor C. Kleinbloesem) in Germany http://nl.xcell-center.com/
2. Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital in China http://www.stemcellspuhua.com/
3. The Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology Company http://www.beikebiotech.com/
4. Tech Mediawereld (Dr. Geeta Shroff) in India http://amandaboxtel.wordpress.com/contact-dr-geeta-shroff/
5. Spectrum cell clinici in India http://www.spectrumcellclinic.com/
6. Regenecell in Mexico http://www.regenecell.com/

I am not sure how reliable these are or how much succes they have achieved for so far. Do you have any suggestions? Are you familiar to some other hospital/ clinic/ dokter? Any advice? I really hope that someone can help me with this.

Greetings from the Netherlands.