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Thread: betheny, am thinking of you

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    betheny, am thinking of you

    i've posted this song over and over. met the singer/songwriter in seattle club last week. he was really nice. he calls himself secondhand serenade because he writes for his wife.

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    Cass, thanks, awesome song. I'm jealous, I tried to find live music last weekend but came up empty-handed. OKC sucks at times...Live music always makes me feel alive.

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    betheny, my door is always open to you. and music is always in seattle. this club last weekend was really good. son and i went for secondhand serenade, but 3 bands before were good.

    this particular singer took the time to talk to my son and give him guitar advice. john vesely is his name.

    theatre folks said only meet n greet tix could meet him. well, he came strolling up to son and me in lobby. was sooo happy for my son, who was shaking LOL

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    Thinking of you too.May the wind always at your back. And the sun bri8nging a smile to your face.

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    Wow Great song and great voice.

    Betheny..I just don't know what to say. I just pray for your strength and for you to someday find happiness/contentedness. Hopefully our kids will straighten themselves out.

    I have had my own epiphany of sorts. I will be back in Southern Colorado come Spring. I am leaving my camper and four-wheeler there at a friends house. There is a little town there in need of a bookstore and if I can get a plan together...they might get one. I am tired of killing myself and it not being appreciated anyway. So if it hairlips the devil and my mother, I don't give a shit LOL...I am headed back to Colorado after this winter in North Carolina straightening out my house.

    I just can't imagine what you have been through the past few months. I do remember the enjoyment I read in your posts from New Mexico though. The culture is just so beautiful and intriguing even to me. I imagine there are lots of good looking fellas to load and unload that four wheeler for you there..LOL That is what you need to find again. It won't be easy but you are a strong beautiful woman and you can do it. ((((hugss))))
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    me too.

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