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Thread: Sticky Chicken

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    that's how I like to grill corn. The singed kernels give it flavor. My only advice would be not to overcook it.

    I sometimes just use salt, a spritz of lime and a sprinkle of cayenne. Reminds me of travel in Mexico.

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    WOW, man you blow me away. I used to bbq or grill almost 5 nights a week, now down to every other week. You do a great job, wish i could eat like that now, wow, how many ya cooking for? Great comb or rather choice for the rub when not WM's. Oh and the grilling the corn, fav here too.

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    I like a man who cooks! I wish my husband would grill but he cooks for me everyday. But I love grilled foods. This looks awesome. When's the next BBQ? Lovely spread there Wolfe!

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    wolfee you should come be my wife. you can BBQ and BBQ and BBQQQ!

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