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Thread: Luxury wheelchair accessible RV

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    Luxury wheelchair accessible RV

    For Sale

    2008 Fleetwood Excursion
    36k miles
    upgraded air conditioners 2 15000 BTU (old 12500 BTU heat pumps less efficient)
    upgraded satellite in motion upgraded to AC from DC always tracks
    dual control sleep number mattress
    external kitchen with tv /barbecue and outside stereo
    auto programmer for the generator
    auto leveling system
    remote control awnings
    central vacuum system
    surround sound system in front room and bedroom
    side by side refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser
    stove and convection/microwave oven
    washer dryer all in one unit
    custom sun shades

    Hand controls
    fully automatic door and wheelchair lift
    remote control for slides and the lift

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    Good looking coach, but I'm confused. The external pic shows the lift right behind the passenger seat, but the inside pics show a couch right behind the passenger.
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    Cool ?

    For sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by McDuff View Post
    Good looking coach, but I'm confused. The external pic shows the lift right behind the passenger seat, but the inside pics show a couch right behind the passenger.
    You're right I didn't even notice that. I'm posting it for a frined of mine cause he doesn't post here. The couch was taken out to put the lift in. I'll ask if he can take a couple of shots from the inside with the lift in now.

    It is for sale but I don't know a lot about it. Except it has the softest leather seats I have ever felt. :-) If anyone is interested in it I'll pm you his cell number.

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    Unhappy $

    whats the asking price?

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    How much to buy and import to the UK?? I want it!
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    He is into it for almost 300k after buying it and all the mods. He owes 195k which is his asking price.

    Not sure how much it would be to import to the UK. You may be better off buying it and paying to store it here. Then fly over all the time to use it lol.

    Edit: He said I could just post his cell number so anyone can call him about it.

    Dennis- 602-882-7355 Tell him you're calling about his RV that Bryce posted.

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    Very nice! Why is he getting rid of it?? Is he married?!
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    They just bought a new house in Indiana and their house in AZ won't sell anytime soon with the way housing prices are here. He's just looking to cut back on some bills.

    Sorry Gurly he's been married for 27+ years and his oldest girl just turned 25 yesterday. I'm pretty sure he is old enough to be your dad. lol But he is a very nice guy, one of my best friends.

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    This is my dream... I want one of these so bad but there is no way short of a miracle that I can afford one like this. I want to get one and find a hottie wife type partner to go traveling and taking pictures and writing songs. Sounds fun huh?????
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