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Thread: Soc Security acting like I'm welfare scammer! RANT

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    Quote Originally Posted by YosemiteSam View Post
    You folks aren't showing the proper respect for the poor hardworking federal employees. Remember, just because the average fed employee compensation is over $100K, not all of them make that much. They'll have to work until age 56 to retire and then they can take another job with no reduction of their pension. They will be able to draw Social Security (which they won't have to live on because they will have a fed pension). And don't hold their cadillac health plan for life against them, they earned it for dealing with a bunch of ignorant crips.

    Do you expect the ppl at SSA offices to treat you ppl who are trying to scam SSDI with respect? You should be grateful that they found the time to even talk to you on the phone. Even if they can't be bothered to remember the facts of your case.

    Just keep in mind that you're wasting your time if you think about asking to speak with a supervisor, they are more seciure in their job than a teacher with tenure. THEY CAN'T BE FIRED!!

    I hope I don't sound bitter, I'm just pissed-off about the stupid Medicare wheelchair rules. I don't think, just because they paid for a power chair 4 yrs ago, that I should be stuck in a Quickie2 purchased in '98 forever.

    You sound bitter. But seriously, I usually do pretty good with rank & file clerks in both the private & public sector. I try to remember that they've probably just been bitched out by the last ten customers complaining about things beyond the clerks control. They automatically assume I'm going to chew them a new one, and when I'm nice to them, most return the favor. I'm quick to tell the clerk that I'm troubled by the situation, but I'm not mad at them personally (even if I am). I tell them I want and need their help. NOW THOSE BASTARDS THAT MAKE THE RULES! Turns out that the clerk and I both hate the system. It's a bond. If the clerk can't honor my request, I often get bumped up to a higher level of customer care with tips on the magic words I must utter to get the desired result.

    ETA - I sometimes ask for supervisors to tell them I would like to have my positive comments added to the clerk's employment file.
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    It can be just as bad up here in Canada, they change the rules all the time & some of them seemed have a problem comprehending I had a part time seasonal job with varying hours per week.

    Then the provincial government(who was my employer for said part time seasonal job) wanted proof that I was diabled, hello I've been a para since birth, I don't think after 30 some odd years things have changed. I think the form I had to do was like 20 pages.

    As one friend said "those are the sort of situations where I'm ashamed to say I'm a government employee" We were both Ministry of Forests. Wish I could have gotten away with what one of my bosses suggested "Just send them a picture"

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    In my old job I got chewed out by callers, blamed for company policies and changing regulations.
    If we were rude, indifferent or did not know how to find the answer we were reprimanded.
    The customers that were kind made it bearable. There were some really fun people.

    What bothers me is that being rude or indifferent seems to be business as usual for some government agencies.
    I'm irked right now because a financial worker has been supposed to call for days.
    I keep leaving messages. She is the superviser of the one that retired and "left a mess." Real professional of her to say that.

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    oh, betheny. this so reminds me of the call i had with ssa when they were asking me for the new address my son's ssdi (thru me) check had gone. i had no idea. IT TOOK A F'IN HOUR I SWEAR FOR THE IDIOT TO FIGURE OUT IT WAS THEIR OWN FIELD OFFICE ADDRESS.

    my empathy and hope you connect w/local field office person who is competent, as i did. once you do, make that person your best friend. and yup, once you have the local number, don't lose it. right now, looking up the local office online gives me a disconnected number. and ssa site only connects to 877 (or w/e) number.

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    We can all start calling and emailing her office if she keeps her shit up, if you like. We will show our displeasure with her unnecessary power trip. Just say the word and it's on.

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    good info for betheny! and, maybe abbiesue?

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    LOL, FO, she's discovered my secret identity. In real life, I'm a 29 yr. old AB! I make most of my $$ "under the table", as they say. I just need the Soc Security checks to make me look legit. If the gubmint ever cops on that I make $10K per evening for sexin' up Jon Hamm, my back tax bill will be horrendous!

    Northquad, I love that idea. I love even more that you offered. It would be so awesome to be the one delivering humility instead of the one gettin' humbled, even if only once! Best of all would be such a campaign that crips would be forever treated w/ respect, like if next time one of us had an appt., the clerky-werkys shuddered and spoke in hush tones. A campaign that made them careful to accuse only real scammers, instead of getting their little power trip jollies by implying that legit gimps must be secret criminals.

    Cass, I am devoutly hoping for a competent case worker. Barring that, I can only hope for a total idiot worthy of being mocked. Darned if I see what should be so tough about this. The law says disabled widows 50 and over, married 10 years or more, are entitled to 71% of the spouse's Social Security benefit. Pretty simple, seems to me. But NOOoooo....

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    Sounds like the woman didn't have a clue about what you were asking. Does she really think that you are going to trade your SSDI for the ever paltry SSI?

    I don't know, but you may be able to collect your SSDI in addition to your husbands SS. That would be nice.
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    oh always are a fighter and keep your sense of humor. i wish i had half your strength. you will bash those ss doors careful. the guard at my local office was as fully packing as a SWAT kidding. was surprised. :O

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