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Thread: Soc Security acting like I'm welfare scammer! RANT

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    C, the more I think about it-You need to report both the error and the attitude. I think she made the comment in ref. to ppl that hit retirement age w no 401k, savings etc., planning to live on Soc Sec. As Linda said, this could happen to anyone. Every 1 of these judgmental a-holes is one medical crisis away from disaster, b/c nobody ever saved a couple of mil for retirement while working in a Soc Sec office!

    And the error should be reported b/c duhhh, hello, laziness.

    She's trying to make you feel like it's your fault. Nobody has enough retirement saved up if they get sci'd in their early 30's, like you did. It's not like you pissed away your options. You were too young to have accumulated any. SCI is like the Spanish Inquisition...nobody ever expects it.

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    I don't know addie sue, but it seemed for awhile there that they were answering the phone in a timely manner. I think they staffed their call centers with a bunch of new hires who didn't know what they were doing. But they DID answer the phone. What a joke.

    Betheny, two of my neighbors in California were both scamming SSDI. They were a couple. One was on SSDI because she said she was a drug addict and an alcoholic, the other because he had a bum knee. He was a very active guy, but once every year or two, he'd go report for some kind of physical. I saw him in the hospital once, and he was limping and using a cane. I asked him after what that was all about, and he said he had to see his doctor every year or two to prove he was still disabled.

    I think once you've scammed your way onto SSDI, it's almost impossible for the SSA to get rid of you. Unless of course you're legitimately receiving benefits, as many here are - then god only knows.
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    What a fucking bitch you talked to! She must work for Sharron Angle.

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    Beth report to who?? LOL You can't even find a number to the local office and you think they'll tell me who is in charge??
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    I recently spent some days in a large hospital. The pre-admission process was the first time I had dealt with a bureaucracy in some time. After multiple phone calls and transfers, I was once again talking to the first guy to confirm my admission arrangement. This was the third time Carlos and I spoke that day. Through the mutual politeness, it was obvious that we both felt a little bad about the mental retardation of the other. We finally realized that we each had found the right person.

    The next day the man at the admissions counter slapped me five when I gave him my ID. Turned out it was Carlos. Pleasant guy. In parting, he mentioned that my drivers license had expired almost two years ago.

    Turns out that you can't renew a Florida drivers license very easily after one year. You can't do it on-line. You need to visit your local drivers license office. BTW - don't go there to buy your tags - that's a different office. One of the things I needed to get a new drivers license was an original social security card.

    Did I forget to mention that I never had a social security card? See, when I was born babies didn't automatically get SS cards. Back then, infants and women didn't have too many employment opportunities, so you applied PRN. I was on the road working when one of my employers said I needed to pay taxes. As a minor, Mom's had to apply for my SS card. When it came to her house, she phoned a friend who wrote the number down on the inside cover of a pack of folding matches. God only knows what became of the original card.

    I was pretty sure that the ladies at the local drivers license office wouldn't accept my match book cover. They seemed pretty strict there. I already knew that I had to pay a fine for my negligence. It was time for me to get my first real SS card.

    I'm a good finder. Especially on the Internet. I Googled the SS website. Try as I might, I could only find a toll free number for my local office. An automated voice led me through various menu selections until I was placed on hold to wait for the next available representative. Finally, a woman came on the line. She told me that she had been tied up with a woman in OK trying to scam the system by claiming to be a crippled widow. Among other things, I learned the local telephone number of the nearest SS office (50 miles each way). I also learned I would need to have a picture ID. Did you know that an expired drivers license is not acceptable for this purpose?

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    Christ Foolish! What a coincidence!

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    FO-You crack this woman in MN up.

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    Two countries separated by the same language - Nah.

    Two countries united by bloody rude bureaucrats - YOU BET!

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    I am going to ss office tomarrow. I cant get my sc drivers lisence, which I need for insurance, because my divorce and marriage papers so not show the name change. so must get my name changed back to maiden. that seemed a good reason to evaluate my ssdi, and disability, since I have to come in for the name change thing. yay. seems like a nice lady on the phone though, so I am hoping for the best.
    I just cant picture anyone steamrolling you betheny. she sounds like she needs a new set of batteries though.

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    You folks aren't showing the proper respect for the poor hardworking federal employees. Remember, just because the average fed employee compensation is over $100K, not all of them make that much. They'll have to work until age 56 to retire and then they can take another job with no reduction of their pension. They will be able to draw Social Security (which they won't have to live on because they will have a fed pension). And don't hold their cadillac health plan for life against them, they earned it for dealing with a bunch of ignorant crips.

    Do you expect the ppl at SSA offices to treat you ppl who are trying to scam SSDI with respect? You should be grateful that they found the time to even talk to you on the phone. Even if they can't be bothered to remember the facts of your case.

    Just keep in mind that you're wasting your time if you think about asking to speak with a supervisor, they are more seciure in their job than a teacher with tenure. THEY CAN'T BE FIRED!!

    I hope I don't sound bitter, I'm just pissed-off about the stupid Medicare wheelchair rules. I don't think, just because they paid for a power chair 4 yrs ago, that I should be stuck in a Quickie2 purchased in '98 forever.


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