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No, I didn't have his SS card, but took in his passport and birth cert, and our marriage license. Took the death cert too, Welfare Lady had been adamant about that. Turned out not to be needed.

This a.m. I called for directions. Welfare Lady said to park on the N side, so I did. Entrance to SS turned out to be on South side, and you have to roll a sharply-angled (for drainage), pothole-filled parking lot to get there. No sidewalks, and no iterior hallways! And keep in mind my new chair is not fully optimized yet, I did finally have coated pushrims at least but I was rolling on solid tires w/ no tread. OMG, my shoulders hurt so bad now! And it was 97 degrees on that asphalt, per the thermometer in my van.

I was in the parking lot crying when a nice young gent offered to push me. Yep, crying in the parking lot. Now maybe I shouldn't take all this personally but it sure felt personal. (What happens to frail old ladies w/ walkers, I wonder? If the parking lot defeated me, a 50 yr old in a chair, I think an older woman may have literally lost it!)

Got in, my appt. was blessedly w/ a nice young woman w/ no agenda. She was so confused. Said "It says here that you've been drawing on your own disability, on other words SSDI. Does that sound right?"

"Yes, it does."

"I on't understand why it says here you are now applying for welfare. Is that what you're here for?"

"No, ma'am, I'm here b/c, as a disabled 50 yr old widow married 25 years, I'm entitled to 71% of my husband's social security."

"And you 2 have no minor children together?"

"No ma'am."

"Well, this is weird, but whatever."

Some calculating...

"The good news is that 71% of your husband's social security is slightly more than double what you were drawing on SSDI."


I can proudly live a dollar or 2 above poverty level! It s possible that starvation may not be an imminent threat after all!

Thank you, American taxpayers. From the bottom of my jaded little heart-Thank you one and all!!!!
Yes my Conservative friends, this is your hated "nanny state" at work. Why do "these people" think their problems should become our problems? If they can't work and haven't provided for a private source of income, why should they live?