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    i am graduating high school soon, and i have good enough grades to get into a good school. but anyways my question is i need a full time aid, do they provide u with that or what? if u went to college and had a similar problem i would like to hear how it went.

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    Every school is different so I would talk to the Office of Disability, they can give you the most direct information your looking for as to what they will do to help you be functional in college.

    I didn't need a full time aid so I can't give you info on that but all the colleges I talked with are super helpful. GOODLUCK BRO
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    Just to clarify:

    You need a full time aide (attendant or nurse)? Are you dependent upon a ventilator? If not, why do you need someone 24/7? Do you have that now, and who is paying for it? Schools may pay for an assist to take notes for you in class and help you get to your classes, but this does not usually include personal care or care at home such as bowel/bladder care, dressing, transfers, etc.

    Or are you talking about full-time aid (as in a full scholarship $$$ for tuition, board and room, books, transportation, etc.)?? If this is what you mean:

    1) Make an appointment with your high school guidance counselor and start working on getting your college applications completed. If you are a senior this year, deadlines are rapidly approaching. I assume you have already schedule taking the SAT and any other exams needed, and that you have the prerequisite classes (not just GPA) required for college. Do you have any AP classes already? The guidance counselor should also have information about grants and scholarships you may be eligible for, and help you with applications processes.

    2) Apply to your local Department of Rehabilitation (Vocational Rehab) state office to have a case worker assigned and a case opened for you. DOR may be willing to fund tuition and books, and often other costs for college as well (in state schools only) if you have a major disability.

    3) Contact both the Scholarship & Grants office and the Disabled Services office of the colleges you are interested in. Ask for information on services and applications for grants, scholarships, and other services you may be eligible for. This may have to wait until you have already filed your application for admission.

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