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Thread: Soc Security acting like I'm welfare scammer! RANT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old View Post
    You sound bitter. But seriously, I usually do pretty good with rank & file clerks in both the private & public sector. I try to remember that they've probably just been bitched out by the last ten customers complaining about things beyond the clerks control. They automatically assume I'm going to chew them a new one, and when I'm nice to them, most return the favor. I'm quick to tell the clerk that I'm troubled by the situation, but I'm not mad at them personally (even if I am). I tell them I want and need their help. NOW THOSE BASTARDS THAT MAKE THE RULES! Turns out that the clerk and I both hate the system. It's a bond. If the clerk can't honor my request, I often get bumped up to a higher level of customer care with tips on the magic words I must utter to get the desired result.

    ETA - I sometimes ask for supervisors to tell them I would like to have my positive comments added to the clerk's employment file.
    ...... do you have to "Pucker up" for this Foolish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru View Post
    ...... do you have to "Pucker up" for this Foolish?
    Not really. I'm just naturally nice.

    "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

    "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it."~Edgar Allan Poe

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    My appt. is tomorrow. Last night I was explaining that I'm dreading it, and about the attitude I'd gotten from the woman I spoke to. One of my AB friends is a sweetheart but tends to assume I'm overreacting sometimes.

    Today I realized I'd forgotten my appt time. Had to call the Feds to retrieve that info. She goes for the mysterious piece of paper they always have to go for, then asks me what the appt. is pertaining to. She thinks I might be able to resolve it online.

    I instantly just KNEW. I said "Ma'am, I think my appt. is not actually for the matter that the scheduler wrote down."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I think this woman is determined to put me on welfare, which is a matter that might be accomplished online. The appointment I need, and in fact intend to have, and must be conducted in person, is regarding my entitlement to 71% of my husband's social security, as I am a disabled widow 50 years of age."

    Silence. Sigh. Papers shuffle.

    "And what was your husband's social security number?"

    HA, I KNEW I wasn't overreacting! The Okie appointment maker hadn't gotten that information, because she has every intention of putting me on welfare!

    I wonder what's in it for her?

    The welfare app papers she sent didn't even ask for his SS#, come to think of it...

    I've got my SS card, my passport, our marriage certificate, his birth certificate. I wonder what else she'll have to have to stall me? Should I offer her my first-born? (I know, but a gal can dream, right? )

    The only good thing was Jake's friend bursting out "You're 50?? You CAN'T be 50!" Of course when you're 20, 50 may as well be 72 LOL.

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    Oh Bethany.
    Good luck. I hate it.

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    You will also need a copy of his death certificate. SS people are evil.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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    And any chance you have HIS ss card available?

    Good luck B.
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    No, I didn't have his SS card, but took in his passport and birth cert, and our marriage license. Took the death cert too, Welfare Lady had been adamant about that. Turned out not to be needed.

    This a.m. I called for directions. Welfare Lady said to park on the N side, so I did. Entrance to SS turned out to be on South side, and you have to roll a sharply-angled (for drainage), pothole-filled parking lot to get there. No sidewalks, and no iterior hallways! And keep in mind my new chair is not fully optimized yet, I did finally have coated pushrims at least but I was rolling on solid tires w/ no tread. OMG, my shoulders hurt so bad now! And it was 97 degrees on that asphalt, per the thermometer in my van.

    I was in the parking lot crying when a nice young gent offered to push me. Yep, crying in the parking lot. Now maybe I shouldn't take all this personally but it sure felt personal. (What happens to frail old ladies w/ walkers, I wonder? If the parking lot defeated me, a 50 yr old in a chair, I think an older woman may have literally lost it!)

    Got in, my appt. was blessedly w/ a nice young woman w/ no agenda. She was so confused. Said "It says here that you've been drawing on your own disability, on other words SSDI. Does that sound right?"

    "Yes, it does."

    "I on't understand why it says here you are now applying for welfare. Is that what you're here for?"

    "No, ma'am, I'm here b/c, as a disabled 50 yr old widow married 25 years, I'm entitled to 71% of my husband's social security."

    "And you 2 have no minor children together?"

    "No ma'am."

    "Well, this is weird, but whatever."

    Some calculating...

    "The good news is that 71% of your husband's social security is slightly more than double what you were drawing on SSDI."


    I can proudly live a dollar or 2 above poverty level! It s possible that starvation may not be an imminent threat after all!

    Thank you, American taxpayers. From the bottom of my jaded little heart-Thank you one and all!!!!

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    Good to hear betheny. Sorry you had such a horrible time with the whole process. At least it worked out in the end.
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    Glad to hear you found someone who does their job! (I ran into a great one when I first applied for ssdi too .... so they DO exist.)
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    So glad that got smoothed over.

    If you still have her name, mail her a nice lil thank you card & send a copy to her boss as well. Count the many ways life has bent you over & esp. the blessings life has endowed you with in the past few months. Be sure she knows the special place she has in your heart being that she tried so hard to give you a good ram too. End by letting her know that you'll be saying a special prayer each night that she also feels such comfort when her life too unfolds like a bad country song one day. Maybe she'll feel so impressed by her great work ethic & atleast make it to the end before balling it up.

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