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Thread: Profile Information ramble & question for Steven

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    Profile Information ramble & question for Steven

    I find that knowing a little something about a member often helps me to better understand their posts. I do understand those who wish to preserve their privacy, I too place a very high value on privacy. But I try to balance the desire for personal privacy with supplying enough information for effective communication. Many times it is hard to understand a post without knowing if the poster is SCI, their level, how long they have been SCI... Sometimes it also helps to know if the poster is male or female, their approximate age, and their general geographic location. Most of this information can be given in a general way that allows both privacy and communication.

    NOW THEN, STEVEN - How come I sometimes don't see any "about me" tab when looking at a member profile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old View Post
    How come I sometimes don't see any "about me" tab when looking at a member profile?
    Hey FO - how's it going?

    Answer to your question is, profile display options are controlled under User CP > Profile Privacy

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    I also don't see why when you've listed your injury level in your profile, it's automatically kept private.

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