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Thread: ChinaSCINet Update

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    Jawaid, the talks to be had between Case Western, Dr Silver, Acorda, and ISRT are importamt. There is interest by all parites to pursue trials of Chase. Remember, only initial discussions for a tiral. This is why I have encouraged all who are interested to e-mail Acorda and tell them we are watching and waiting. I believe that we have to be part of the process. Imagine frompast process, that applications have to be made with FDA. We all know how that goes. then when starting phase 1 trials; first wrinting the cirteria for the trial, recuriting just the right patietns for the trials, applying the technolgy to the patients, waiting for results for safety, on and on and on. I heard mention that their might be quicker way to get to this point; orphan drug or other means. the best we can do is to be part of the process by letting them know we are watching and waiting. wise Young's trials are taking place in themost populous part of the world with the most spinal injured people. they have 18 patients that they have treated; EIGHTEEN. THE TRIALS THAT WERE DELAYED IN the USA have been delayed even further; as per Wise. Stem Cell Inc has opened up their trials for more people, for their trial in Switzerland. I read where trials for HUMANS for heart attack victims and diabetis have shown positive results. Still not part of therapy at hospitals. They have to expand trials to more test patients. Another year before anything will be certified. News reports almost every month on accomplishments, for animals at this time. Jawaid, that;s how I see it at this time; perhaps some new news will occur soon to give us more real excitement.


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    Wise, I have no coubt about your sincerity. That is not a question. I see the cirteria you must follow. Your efforts are well documented and you are perhaps the best for getting through the maze of regulations. If anything could change my mind or the minds of pateints will be reporting of results and beiginnign of trials in the US. thanks for all you do for us and humanity in general.


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    "Yes, some patients are getting some recovery"
    "I'm manic as hell-
    But I'm goin' strong-
    Left my meds on the sink again-
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    Anyone know what happened to the site earlier ?

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    I m bit dishearted now by the speed of the things going on. Only hope is wait and see what meeting brings for us. If no trials soon i m going to be hopeless then.

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    Jawaid, we have no other choice but ask questiosn and folllow trials. Wise has said that some recovery is happening; but to what extent. I feel we must ask where our efforts can be most apprecited in getting trials going here is the US/ I can't stress enough of human trials with stem cells in other diesaes or problems. Wise is obviously working hard on his trials. I still do not the whoe story on delays in China. We will hear progress this year but to constantly predict 2013 or further out wil lbe ok for those to come but not for many of us. Let's keeo vigilance and scrutinty to programs going on at this time.


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    There are plenty of trials you can get involved with outside of the US.

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    Colin, I'm not aware of many clinical trials going on outside the US.

    There are many "treatments" you can pay for that don't work.

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    I thought the list on u2fp was clinical trials

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    i still would love to know more than, "some" patients are getting "some" recovery.
    also, if its some patients and some recovery, whats the chances that it could just be the decompression?

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