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Thread: ChinaSCINet Update

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    Great news Wise. Only two left in the trial now.

    Should we hope for some announcement in next two three months Wise?

    I hope trial is progressing with some results too.

    Best of luck Dear. Do all on the fast track for us.

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    Transplanting a patient’s own stem cells avoids the problems of rejection and the need for risky immunosuppressant drugs. This is the approach being taken by researchers in Canada who have discovered that skin-derived stem cells (SKPs) can be prompted to become Schwann cells, which are the cells adept at nerve fibre and myelin repair in the PNS. This would be an unlimited source of Schwann cells. In the injured spinal cord, Schwann cells will guide regenerating nerve fibres that were severed across the lesion site. In addition, they can make new myelin around those nerve fibres that had been initially spared but lost their myelin due to oligodendrocyte death. This looks promising if skin cells can produce Schwann cells.

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    Wise i read about another research about umbilical cells and lithium and they say that lithium aids recovery and differentiation of umbilical cells into neural cells. Do u think if so then ur therapy might work bit in lower injuries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    We are just did patients 17 and 18 in Kunming last Thursday (16 µliters). The trial is progressing.


    I thought it was patients 9 and 10 in Kunming and we have done 8 in Hong Kong so far. Very immpressive progress!!


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    there are 1.5 million patients in china.

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    there are 1.5 million patients in china.

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    Very impressive indeed
    keep (rolling) Walking

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    i guess its now a wait and see scenario for this forum.
    Each day i pray God please give us a break or more accurately a breakthrough
    16 µliters is a very low dose, If this dose is increased in future trials can we go for phase two or start again at the safety stage?
    Wise please understand that we are all eager for results that prove efficacy as most ongoing trials seem to have passed the safety phase by now.
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    peter, there are 4 doses of 16 µliters, 2 above and 2 below.

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    dr young

    any signs of remyelination or dare i say regeneration. in patients with syrinx(sp) what if any changes have you seen?
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