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Thread: ChinaSCINet Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moe View Post
    That publication is from July 2016, not July 2019.
    So did you see the videos from 2016?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spayne View Post
    So did you see the videos from 2016?
    I wasn't there in 2016.
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    Has anyone here on this site seen the videos?

    Go to the end of the page and watch Dr. Wise Young. The first 1 minute 15 he talks about the videos.

    At 21m30s - 22m and 31m 53s he talks about the videos.

    If you have seen the videos can you please describe how fast the people walk and their walking quality.

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    This thread makes me very sad. I joined this group years ago when my oldest was in high school and with friends when one of them dove into the shallow end of a pool, crushing C5 and paralyzed. It's been almost 15 years.... his friends life has been very, very difficult. I had faith that clinical trails would restore some function for him and others. I sent some $$ to many of these trials including SCI China. Fifteen yeas and nothing to speak of. The paralyzed are still paralyzed. Clinical trials are not happening in the US with the exception of the exoskeleton suits which bring back some mobility for those in the trials.

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