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    Can anyone tell by this mri image how many segments my lesion is?
    to me it looks like 2.5-3 or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenseed View Post
    Can anyone tell by this mri image how many segments my lesion is?
    to me it looks like 2.5-3 or so.

    Have you asked your doctor?

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    I have not. Reading Jims response to your question perked my question. I will ask my physiatrist next time i see him.

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    My guess is there would have to be a separate trial for those with 3+ segments, possibly using a different surgical technique.

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    I saw the X-ray of my injury only once, and very briefly. It was soon after my injury, I was lying on a gurney at the time, and was unable to sit up. I asked the technicians to please let me see the X-ray before taking me back to my room. I had to crane my neck around to see the X-ray at all. To me, it looked like the break was all at just one spot, and that the lower portion of my spinal column was jutting off to one side by about a third of the width of the spinal column. I guess I should be able to request a copy of my X-rays. It seems that a lot of other people have theirs.
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    This fall in the U.S... Lmao !! I haven't been on here in 4 yrs because there's NO HOPE...... Will be hurt 6 yrs in August and have seen the same shit over and over so I quit coming on here.... 4 yrs later same stuff... Hahaha, I'll stick with Michigan Sportsman for an internet fix

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    Aj, sorry you are frustrated, but if you want to talk about what is actually going on with Dr. Young's US Clinical Trial this year, let me know.

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    Jim I would love to talk to anyone about the "trial" since I think I would make a prime canidate. I met Dr.Wise in Detroit first year I was hurt. False hope ever since. When ya can tell me it's ACTUALLY going to be available I'd love to talk... T6-9 complete spinal cord swollen not severed, good shape and no atrophy since day of injury. I'll be waiting and when it won't cost million $ to try

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    It is a very intimate setting with families affected by SCI, most don't want their business on the internet.

    Unless it was GOOD news.... Why wouldn't ANYTHING positive be on the NEWS ???? How many people are affected by sci daily or yearly ? Seems to me maybe a newsworthy story instead of this thug is dead and are presidents a joke !!

    Was hurt in 2011 and it's 2017, it'll be here ........

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    Positivity starts with you. And you don't seem very positive.

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