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Thread: ChinaSCINet Update

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    Lower Westchester/Bronx NY
    thanks keeping on, ima need it I was just told their going to d/c my PT specifically the standing part which to me is the most important cause I dont get any mat work :/

    hey Lepups; I'm from WC but living in a Bronx nursing/rehab home would you mind sending me a pm with more info on push to walk, I'm definitely willing to go the extra mile.

    hey Jim; Thank you this was a long wait... so feb 17th they begin the process to remove it. As far as the house is concerned no date, I have an agency helping fund the cost so they do their routines. sent a architect to look around and whatever else they do, now I believe they bid between 3 contractors so who knows.
    It would be easier and my family wants to sell but the market/economy

    Anyway thanks for the support, keep on fighting
    I do like Johnny Walker says and Keep Walking

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    Any update of other patients to be transplanted Dr Young?

    Will u be doing 6th case now?

    Hope you are close to get some breakthroughs.

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    Jawaid, thank you for your persistence on asking for updates and accomplishments. We as a group must ask these questions and belive in the upcoming therapies. Things will be coming for us all. Thank you Jawaid.

    keeping on
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    Thank you keeping on.

    Well my trust has increased more and more in Dr Young now.

    No one is as dedicated as Young is for us.

    Really do pray that God give him success and this year prove to be the year of history.

    Best of luck Dr Young and God bless you.

    Keeping on you are simply so energetic and sweet person. God bless you too.

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    I believe Dr. Young has been fighting this fight longer than any of us. I ask anyone how we can give up or even slow down, it is the fight inside our human bodies that dicctate this world. One Heart beat, one mind, one soul, Togetheer we can do all things! I will walk, I will regain function in my hands, this feeling I have of emptyness and sorrow will be destroyed by my persistence and unwaivering desire to NEVER give in.
    This trophy goes to Wise regardless of victory or defeat. It is the fight that you will remeber, so fight like hell or you will regret all this.
    God is good

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    Wise, is the indoubtable leader in the cause for chronics; no doubt. His trials have increased dosages to thenext group ofpatients. He will start in the US soon; it's only the beginning; [atience is difficult. We will prevail.

    keeping on

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    Trito, that is indeed good news that you are getting the trach out.

    We are going into two weeks of inactivity because of the Spring festival (Chinese New Year) in China (including Hong Kong). Everything stops because the Spring Festival is like Christmas, New Year, and Easter rolled up into one holiday. Our next case is scheduled on Feb 20.

    In the meantime, we are working hard to start the trial at the Kunming Army General Hospital in Yunnan. All the permissions have been obtained. We are now qualifying their laboratory to prepare the cells for transplantation. They have already recruited all their patients. So, if everything goes well, we will start there as well.

    We are hoping to start a trial in Brackenridge in Austin in the summer. It may take a while to get everything set up and all the trial applications approved. We have been waiting for the data from the current trials to put into the application to the FDA.

    It is important that we don't get our expectations up too high. Clinical trials are a journey into the unknown. We do our very best to make sure that the treatments are as good as we can make them, the data is collected without bias, and we get the truth. If the treatment works, that is great. If it doesn't, we go on. We keep doing so until we find treatments that restore function.


    Quote Originally Posted by tritro2085 View Post
    On December 21st, my E.N.T. finally told me we can go ahead w/ the surgery to remove my t-tube trachea, Best news I had heard all year. Now I find this thread, and my excitement, hope, and faith are everyone else has said b4 me this year will provide good news us.

    Living in New york and in a Nursing home/Rehabilitation center while you wait for your home to be accommodated or wait for an apartment, is extremely hard and can get depressing even. Especially when they tell you " there's nothing more we can do for you, as a quad your not going to recover anymore function or get stronger..." they cut you off therapy including exercise programs for maintaining what you do have, regardless of what your doctor (one of NY top Psychiatrist) recommends. But in august 2010 after the July open house at Rutgers with Dr. Young, I showed them the ScinetUSA website, along with the requirements to participate in the trials, since then they have been standing me on a tilt table 3x's a week for at least an 1hr and 20minutes, and resumed physical and occupational therapy so that when the time comes I can be an eligible candidate to help in the trials.

    Keep Up the Amazing Work Dr. Young, and please tell us if we need to do anything further to prepare and or qualify to participate in the trials

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    hello wise young clinical trials of Kunming and austin will there a phase 3?
    thank you

    French version

    bonjour wise young les essais cliniques de Kunming et austin seront t'il une phase 3 ?


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    If this becomes the first trial to actually work, it won't be the therapy that causes us to walk. At least not for chronics. Much like the CD player for example, the first ones to be released are ALWAYS sloppy, unorthodox and hit and miss....after that, 'upgrades' appear on the market, which are slimmer, lighter, better, sleeker.. It's the truth with everything...think about. However in the long run, it's best for mankind, plain and simple. One breakthrough is all it takes. the CD player even the original, is credited for being that breakthrough, might not have been pretty at first, but it changed media.

    The first trial to work will be minimal and that's ok. I'm sure even getting BB is a blessing for many people. I honestly just want one small boost to get my incomplete legs to cooperate.

    Good Luck Dr. Young. I know there's pressure, and rookies tend to jump the gun, which will cause a lot of criticism later....but just do your thing. you got this.

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    Imight, your assessment is right. We need one to start. I hope you will be able to recover some fundtion in the near futre.

    keeping on

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