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Thread: ChinaSCINet Update

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    Guys, bottom line is that real human trials are progressing. No ambiguous results . The only thing I can say to Wise is we are really depending on you and pray and hoep for postive results. We support your efforts and will do what we can for your trek. The people on this boiard are supportive and are waiting for a chance.

    Thank you for your efforts and let's surprise everyone .

    keeping on

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    A trial is for testing

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    Another interesting trial:; seems to br getting a lot of attention lately; osteoperosis treatments using stem cells and the ;ike. Most of us know people who are suffering from this and one day , if not now, we too will experience this. Wish them all the luck in the world and may it lead to a treatment within the 5 year time frame.

    keeping on

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    I understand the frustration of waiting but I think it would prudent to wait until results are at hand and when they are reasonable shore of the results positive or negative from Dr Wise and team, who I think will keep us informed from their busy schedule to correspond the results on the forum

    I know its hard but keep cool

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    Lots of answers:

    Safety and Feasibility of Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Transplant Into Injured Spinal Cord

    Primary Outcome Measures:
    • ASIA motor scores and sensory scores [ Time Frame: 0, 1, 2, 6 24 and 48 weeks ] [ Designated as safety issue: Yes ]
    • ASIA Impairment Scale grade [ Time Frame: 0, 1, 2, 6 24 and 48 weeks ] [ Designated as safety issue: Yes ]
    This is an open-label, dose-escalating clinical trial. Three groups of four patients will receive transplants of increasing doses of HLA-matched umbilical cord blood mononuclear cell into the spinal cord. In the fourth group, we will transplant the highest volume of cells that did not increase neurological deficits along with a single bolus of 30mg/kg methylprednisolone sodium succinate. In the fifth group of four subjects, we will inject that volume of cells plus a bolus intravenous dose of 30mg/kg methylprednisolone sodium succinate and a 6-week course of oral lithium carbonate titrated to 0.6-1.0 mM serum levels. All the subjects are encouraged to stand or walk for one hour a day after the cell transplantation.

    The neurological and walking outcomes will be assessed 1, 2, 6, 24 and 48 weeks after transplantation. The outcomes of the five treatment groups will be compared by analysis of variance and, if possible, correlation with cell dose. Efficacy and safety will be analyzed comparing neurological change scores amongst the five different treatment groups. Loss of motor (>5 points) or sensor scores (>2 points) from baseline pre-treatment levels would be considered deleterious. Increases in scores above baseline would be considered beneficial.

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    On December 21st, my E.N.T. finally told me we can go ahead w/ the surgery to remove my t-tube trachea, Best news I had heard all year. Now I find this thread, and my excitement, hope, and faith are everyone else has said b4 me this year will provide good news us.

    Living in New york and in a Nursing home/Rehabilitation center while you wait for your home to be accommodated or wait for an apartment, is extremely hard and can get depressing even. Especially when they tell you " there's nothing more we can do for you, as a quad your not going to recover anymore function or get stronger..." they cut you off therapy including exercise programs for maintaining what you do have, regardless of what your doctor (one of NY top Psychiatrist) recommends. But in august 2010 after the July open house at Rutgers with Dr. Young, I showed them the ScinetUSA website, along with the requirements to participate in the trials, since then they have been standing me on a tilt table 3x's a week for at least an 1hr and 20minutes, and resumed physical and occupational therapy so that when the time comes I can be an eligible candidate to help in the trials.

    Keep Up the Amazing Work Dr. Young, and please tell us if we need to do anything further to prepare and or qualify to participate in the trials
    I do like Johnny Walker says and Keep Walking

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    Dr Young wrote in some thread i m missing that he is hearten about the trial and hopes that recovery will be seen in few months.

    Very encouraging news.

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    tritro, good luck with everything. And yes, you are right, we are waiting with hopeful pateince, that things will happen for you and the rest of us.

    Good luck , my firend, good luck.

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    Hi Tritro 2058; I live in New York not to far from Westchester County. I go to a Project Walk accredited facility in Riverdale NJ called Push to Walk. It can be a hike sometimes but well worth it to help keep you in shape.

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    Congrats on getting the trach removed tritro.

    Do you have a tentative date when your house will be ready?

    Stay strong and keep up the fight!

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