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    Quote Originally Posted by ineedmyelin View Post
    Where are Dr Young? We could use some words of encouragement. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Same thought here....Jim ?
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    We are very excited about the results, they need to be confirmed in a phase III.

    Looking forward to publication so you can see the data.

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    I'm sorry, I thought of Bones right away after reading the last few entries and the Simpson's was kind of an annoying bonus in my quick video search.
    (Seriously, I am hopeful about "very excited" and that will get me through another month.........)

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    Hope the results are as good as advertised. In my best Jerry Maguire SHOW ME THE RESULTS!!

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    Sorry I can't say more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Sorry I can't say more.
    Then you shouldn't say anything!

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    LOL yall some rude ass ppl

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    Hi Jim,

    First......thank you and Dr. Young for EVERYTHING, I'm sure it can get frustrating answering all of our questions. We are all very excited and anxious!!!!! When you say the results need to be confirmed in a phase 3, can you expand on that? Phase 3 has to be confirmed in China first? Does phase 3 have to be confirmed first before any trial is done here in the U.S.? Thanks Jim and anyone else that may know the answers.

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    Here you are Doreen, from post 1860 on page 186 -

    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young

    We will be doing phase III clinical trials in the China, India, Norway, and the U.S. We are putting together the packages and application to apply to the U.S. FDA for the trial. As soon as we have approval of the trials, we will announce on and also on this site.


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    Hi tumbleweeds, thank you, I was trying to find the answer. So, just to be sure I understand, the phase 3 will be done in China, India, Norway and U.S. and it has to be confirmed in the phase 3 so that it becomes available to everyone and that is the only reason right?

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