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    We are working on the papers now. Wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrington314mx
    have you heard anything about bowel, bladder, and sexual function in these patients? If not, do you plan to see what they are experiencing, if anything, in those areas? Thanks.
    Wise, maybe you missed my question. Thanks.

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    Dr. Wise, do you know if the phase I&II results will still be published as scheduled? I think I understood this November?

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    We are still working on the data analysis and writing the paper. After we have completed the writing, I am sending it to all our colleagues for review. I don't anticipate that we will submit the paper to journals until December and journals typically take several months to review and accept a paper. Our first priority right now is to prepare all the data for submission for our clinical trial application. Wise.

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    Barrington314, we did not collect BBS data in the trial. There are questions concerning bowel and bladder in the SCIM (spinal cord independence measure) that was collected but these are subjective responses from the patients. We do not plan to bring the patients back for BBS examinations. Wise.

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    1. We are working on those therapies now.
    2. The trials are for C5 through T11.


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    wise it looks we have to wait few years for lumbosacral trial from u.

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    Any progress in starting clinical trials also in India or Norway?


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    We are still working on it. Wise.

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