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Thread: ChinaSCINet Update

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    Thank u dear keeping on. You are such a wonderful and very hopeful person. God bless you always dear.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post

    Noirin is right. We should hurry up. There should be not just one but many clinical trials of the most promising therapies of chronic spinal cord injury.

    As you may know, we will be planning a trial of umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells and lithium treatment at Shriner's hospitals in Philadelphia for kids between ages 8 to 17. This is of course assuming that we show that the treatment is safe and that it restores some function in our current trials. I must continue to remind people that this is only the first case and we have 39 left to do (19 more in Hong Kong) and 20 in Kunming. We have a lot of work ahead of us and everybody is rolling their sleeves to get it done.

    Congratulations on starting the trials and great to know that there is something in the pipeline for kids as well - it makes it easier to keep Sean and Noirin training if there could be something for them in the future. Even better if they were still kids when the opportunity arises.

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    wise, good news on the Shriners; what about the trials in Texas. Can you give uptodate info those trials. All this is good news. what will make it even more good if we at sometime will be called to participate in real therapies.

    keeping on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    I know that much higher complete injuries will quite rightly be top of any list for receiving real therapies but some measured thought needs to be put into managing the vast number of incompletes who have been maximising their physical potential for years - chasing that 1% relentlessly. They will be well versed in rehabilitation techniques through experience and are potential quick wins.
    someone wrote this in another thread. I thought it was something interesting to think about for quicker approvals.

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    fti, all this is good forwad thinking news. Wise not only is moving the ball forward; but without alot of fanfaare. Just as improtant is this forum; he not only set it up but participates endleesly for the good of all of us. Like I said, the man never sleeps.

    keeping on

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    Keeping on is right. All eyes in Dr Young.

    If everything goes well i m sure we all have some breaking news in coming few months regarding treatment.

    Rest other trials will be needing some years to give some news.

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    I'm sorry if my question was answered in the past but I'm curious what Wise's procedure will cost when it becomes available outside of clinical trials. Reason I ask is because I'm on medicaid and I don't see them paying for it.

    I guess it will be "TBD" lol
    Joe T.

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    Buttabean, Cool your heals, cuz you must have that burning neuropathy (haha). The
    Researchers do not even know yet what procedure will prove effective. How do you price the unknown?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fti View Post
    Dear Dr. Young,
    Can you please give some info about BBB score? What meanse a score of 11 (group D in this reaserch)

    Thank you.

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