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    I am also c5c6 neurological

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    David has a C5 (orthopaedic level) injury. He was injured three and a half years ago and has always been doing some form of intensive rehab since he was well enough (he spent a long time in ICU and also had a traumatic brain injury so it took a long time before he was fit to do anything). He is very pleased with his progress and I feel that he has made more progress in the five months he has been in Kunming than at any other time. What strikes me about their approach is their thoroughness and persistence -- whereas in other hospitals the physiotherapists tried sitting David on the physio table a few times and then seemed to forget about it, the therapists in Kunming started training David to sit shortly after he arrived and have kept at it every single day. Just one example.
    The costs can vary a bit -- in the five months since he has been here David has had a few minor colds, UTIs and stomach upsets, for which he was treated by the doctors at the hospital, and there have been some MRIs and X-rays as well as lab tests which increase the overall cost from time to time. I think the cost averages around 15,000 RMB a month -- this includes a room (he only uses it during the day for resting, catheterising, etc. as we have an apartment nearby, but all the other patients stay at the hospital) and the whole physiotherapy programme. There are some other costs as well: everyone hires a caregiver privately as the hospital nurses do not routinely do things like bathing, dressing, catheterising, etc. The caregiver and/or the patient's relatives help with the physiotherapy as well.
    For those interested in the programme I think it's important to bear in mind that it's not a miracle cure -- Dr Zhu has always been very clear about that, insisting that one must have patience and persistence and take a long view. As David is so clearly moving in the right direction he is prepared to stay as long as he continues to make progress, however slow.
    I had been holding off talking about the programme on the forum as space and staff are quite limited still. Until the spinal injury centre moves into its new, larger premises (the hospital is very new and the new centre is still being finished and equipped) it will not be able to accommodate large numbers of new patients. I hope this helps. If anyone has other questions I'll submit them to Dr Zhu and put her responses on the forum. My son is working on a website on which he will talk about his experience in Kunming and answer questions from people interested in the programme. I'll let you know when it goes live.

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    have you found it again OF new muscles?

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    Firstly, thank you for sharing. I take it David is only doing the physio and did not undergo the UMBC treatment correct? My son has also been in intense rehab since he 3 weeks after his accident 18 months ago. He now goes to Push to Walk here in the States about 3 days a week and they also have him in a pulpit walker for about 45 minutes. Unfortunately that is a week the other times he is on a weight supported treadmill and doing other exercises the other times. The biggest gains I have seen so far have been mentally he just seems to be in a better mindset, he has also gotten a little stronger and his endurance is also improved. I wish your son and you the very best and hope and prayer for continued success and progress.

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    fti, it's difficult to say if David has gained function in muscles where there was none before. It may be that the existing potential of these muscles had not been fully revealed by other rehabilitation programmes and that they have now been awakened and strengthened by the exercises he has been doing in Kunming. David has always had a bit of voluntary movement in his legs and had been doing weight supported walking for a long time. Since he has been in Kunming he has gained so much more balance and is able to do standing transfers very easily now.

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    Muskie, David was not part of the UCMBC+lithium clinical trials. He would like to be included in the Phase III trials but I don't think he would qualify as he is ASIA C and also had a traumatic brain injury.

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    So the guy in the video was an incomplete before going to Kunming? And he received no cells/lithium?
    And by "the guy in the video", I mean the guy in the video from Dr. Young's February open house. The guy who was walking with a walker, a nurse, and ropes on his legs.

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    No, that was a person who had received stem cells at the army hospital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    The video I showed was an individual at 12 months after receiving UCBMC cell transplant. The person was about 4 years after injury when he received the transplant. This person did not have big changes in motor or sensory scores.

    This appears to conflict with "Mamadavid's" posts. She seems to be saying that the man in the video is her son. Who was about four years into his injury, but received no cells. And went to China as an incomplete. This seems to be a key point. What's going on?

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    No, that was a person who had received stem cells at the army hospital.
    Thank you for clearing that up. I was starting to fear that Paolo was right.

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