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    Dr. Young
    Did you see any change/recovery of bowl, bladder function, pain and spasm ?
    I don't know yet. Wise.

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    Hi, fti. Are you asking whether this walking training can be applied to people with quadriplegia? About 25% of the patients in this study have cervical spinal cord injury (below C5). Obviously, it is harder for people with high quadriplegia to do locomotor training but most people that have neurological levels of C5 (i.e. have deltoids and biceps) are able to train with these walkers.


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    and how and rehabilitation for the arms and hands?

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    and how and rehabilitation for the arms and hands?
    In Kunming, they do some rehabilitation for the arms and hands but not like the intensive locomotor training for the legs. Wise.

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    I apologize if I've asked this question before, but is arm and hand restoration a higher hanging fruit than locomotion?

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    There was no change in motor and sensory scores.


    I understood that there was no changes in motor and sensory scores, but my question was: what is the current motor and sensory score of the individual showed in the video?

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    Originally Posted by mamadavid

    Although your question was for Dr Young I'll take the liberty of replying to the best of my ability. I had the privilege of meeting Dr Zhu and observing her walking programme last March. I also visited the new private hospital where she has since transferred her operation. The hospital is called Tongren Hospital and is part of a group of private hospitals in China owned by a Hong Kong businessman. The facility is brand new and was partially up and running when I visited. It is huge and modern. I was given a guided tour by the assistant general manager and it seemed to be well equipped with the latest medical hardware. I was shown the VIP rooms and VIP suites where I was told the overseas patients would stay -- good beds, accessible bathrooms, flat screen TVs, nicely decorated -- no cause for complaint. However, as I pointed out to Dr Zhu, most if not all of the overseas patients who will be interested in attending her walking programme will be chronically injured people who will not need or want to stay in a hospital room. They will be there for the rehab and apart from that will be "normal" people living in a "normal" way. As far as I could see the VIP rooms and suites were for the hospital as a whole, not just for Dr Zhu's patients, so one can assume that they will be accommodating very sick people, people recovering from surgery, etc., and needing a very quiet, very medicalised environment. I told Dr Zhu that the people who would be coming from overseas for the walking programme would probably be happier with another type of accommodation -- say apartments where they could share equipment and carers, cook, listen to music, etc. She has since written to me (my son is planning to attend her programme at the end of the summer) that she is planning on offering foreign patients pleasant, family-like living arrangements. I'm not sure what she has planned but I will be seeing her on June 12 and will get all the details from her.
    I cannot tell you how impressed I was with Dr Zhu and her team. Never have I seen a more caring, positive, altruistic person than Dr Zhu (apart from Wise Young of course!). Seeing her patients at various stages of walking was such an inspiration and I am convinced that her programme is the best next step for my son.
    I know so many of you will want to know more details -- cost and duration of the programme, what kind of nursing care and assistance can be provided, etc. I can't answer these questions now but will be finding out in the next few weeks. I'll share all the answers as soon as I have them.

    is your son give us news please
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    Yes, that's my son David. He has been in Kunming for a little over five months now and is making good progress. As you can see he is walking with the wheeled walker. He is now very steady on his feet and needs only some support and guidance from the two physiotherapists -- one at his side to keep his forearms properly positioned on the cart and help adjust his posture if he starts to slump or sway to one side. Behind him is Xiao Ma, the physiotherapy assistant who squats behind the patient and walks up and down the corridor while helping him to move his legs and supporting him from behind. David is at Stage 3 of the Kunming Walking Programme now -- he can stand with his knees locked and can step independently with his left leg and sometimes with his right. He walks 360 metres every day: 240 m in the morning and 120 m in the afternoon. As Dr Young has been explaining recently on this forum, people who have not reached Stage 4 of the programme cannot spend 6 hours a day walking but do a lot of other exercises. There is a lot of core work -- various kinds of sit ups and other exercises on the physiotherapy table. Lots of stretching too. The physiotherapists put together a programme for each patient and add and change things as needed.

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    mamadavid, can you tell us your son's level? Have you seen significant progress? Any other improvements? Also what the cost are? Sorry for all the questions I also have a son who is a quad
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