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I see your point but the point is made that FDA is blocking so many things. I just disagree and I do not trust politicians to make such decisions. Politicians should appoint qualified people to make a judgement and congress should not vote up or down on health issues. This is not the right topic for this thread.
The decisions have already been made by medical professionals a.k.a. qualified people, and the device, procedure, etc., has been in use in many cases for years in other countries and have shown to be safe. There is no medical reason they shouldn't be approved in the U.S. The senator is simply saying that the FDA needs to act on it or Congress will. And yes it IS relevant to this thread considering that Dr. Young and his colleagues have spent the last two YEARS carefully compiling data on their results that they obtained in Phase I and Phase II human trials and getting that data published in a reputable medical journal. And now the FDA wants more animal studies? For what?? The rats in China are no different that the rats in the USA and the results won't be any different either. And then what will the FDA decide that they need more of? And how long are you willing to wait on the FDA? It is obvious that ultimately our fate does not lie in the hands of the doctors and researchers but rather in the hands of a bureaucrat. And that is pretty damn depressing.